Digital Mammography Service

BMI The Esperance Hospital offers a digital mammography service with quick and easy breast screening checks and shorter waiting times for results. 

We know that you may feel nervous when you arrive for your routine breast examination.  Understanding this, we have installed an advanced breast machine, the Siemens MAMMOMAT Inspiration Mammography System. The machine is fully digital and provides images of higher quality, faster – so you spend less time in the examination room and will seldom have to return to have the images taken again. The imaging process is more comfortable and the has a unique MoodLight feature which emits changing and soothing colours into the patient examination area to help create a calm environment and ease your anxiety. 

Our service 

On Monday mornings and Wednesdays all day, BMI The Esperance Hospital provides a one-stop screening service, which is available for all women over 40 and women who may have denser breasts because of either their age, taking HRT or having implants. 

The screening process consists of: 

  • A mammogram performed by a female mammographer
  • If essential, a breast ultrasound
  • A report and discussion with the radiologist and, where needed, a referral to a breast surgeon.


We won’t keep you waiting for your results: you’ll get them on the same day and, if further screens or procedures are needed such as an MRI scan, we can deal with this straight away, and discuss your ongoing treatment plan. 

Patient benefits 

  • Same day results due to digital images immediately displayed for review on a computer
  • Screening can be quicker and the image quality is better to aid early diagnosis
  • Patient safety due to reduced radiation levels
  • The digital machine uses warm and soothing tones to promote a pleasant environment during the examination
  • Feel confident in receiving the highest level of care, support and counselling
  • Discuss your concerns in an unhurried way with a professional consultant
  • Specialist team – radiologist, mammographer and breast care nurse 

How to book an appointment 

To make an appointment, telephone the radiology department on 01323 414 740 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You do not need a referral from a GP. 

Should you be referred for a mammogram by your GP, you can always have an appointment within one week of that referral. After the initial mammogram we are able to incorporate you into our screening programme whereby we will automatically recall you for a follow-up mammogram every two years and the report can be sent to you as well as your GP.