Eastbourne Nutrition Service

nutrition servicesAt BMI The Esperance Hospital we have setup a Nutrition outpatient services, where our team of specialists can guide patients on making dietary and lifestyle changes tailored to their unique needs. The team supports behaviour change and believes in empowering you to enable you to make positive lifestyle and dietary changes for life.

Treatments available

  • Weight loss diets for overweight and obese
  • Weight loss plans for patients who need to lose weight prior to surgery
  • Treatment diets for those who have low BMI and need to gain weight
  • Gastrointestinal complaints such as IBS, bloating, constipation, indigestion, coeliacs
  • Dietary therapy for medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes
  • Dietary and lifestyle counselling

Benefits to patients

  • Quality time with expert consultant
  • Individually tailored treatment plans
  • Efficient appointment booking service
  • Affordable appointments
  • No waiting times
  • Available for self pay patients

To book an appointment or find out more information please call us at 01323 411188 or make an online enquiry.