MRI Scans, X Rays & Imaging

Imaging EsperanceThe BMI Sussex Diagnostic Imaging centre offers a range of services including CT scanning, MRI scanning and x-ray.

CT scanning 

Our 64-slice VCT CT scanner is capable of very rapid 2D scans of all areas of the body with scan slices down to 0.5 millimetre. This means minimised discomfort for our patients due to very short scanning times. 

The scanner also produces very detailed 3D images of the whole body including moving organs; bone and blood vessels and can assist in the early diagnosis of many conditions thus allowing for rapid treatment. 

We also carry out other techniques such as virtual colonoscopy, angiography for neck, brain, renal and peripheral vessels. Procedures to aid stroke assessment are available as are cardiac imaging including calcium scoring and ECG gated cardiac angiography. 

MRI scanner 

MRI has become an invaluable tool in the detection and monitoring of many diseases. 

MRI uses a combination of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce exquisitely detailed images of any part of the body. This scanner is also capable of Whole Body MRI and functional imaging. 

MRI is generally safe and can be used for most age groups. Our top of the range MRI scanner comes with a full range of dedicated coils and software packages. 

MRI is the diagnostic procedure of choice for imaging the brain, spine and joints and frequently reduces the need for exploratory surgery. 

Appointments available within 48 hours and referrals welcome from GPs and are available for insured or self pay patients.


For information about the diagnostics and imaging service at BMI The Esperance Hospital, please call 01323 414 714 or make an online enquiry.