MRI Scans, X Rays & Imaging

Imaging Hampshire ClinicAt BMI The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke, we offer fast access to diagnosis and imaging treatment for a wide range of conditions.

The diagnostics and imaging department is managed by a dedicated team of radiographers, specialist consultant radiologists and nurses all of whom will provide the best possible care, tailored to you. 

BMI The Hampshire Clinic offers a range of routine and specialist services, including:



BMI The Hampshire Clinic offers an EDTA service for patients. The service assists consultants monitoring of drugs that cause nephrotoxicit and helps to calculate the dose in chemotherapy. It can also detect renal failure and is a tool for the assessment of potential live kidney donors.  

Parathyroid service 

The nuclear medicine department is also able to offer imaging for the detection of parathyroid adenomas in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. 

Booking an appointment

BMI The Hampshire Clinic's diagnostic and imaging department is happy to accept self-referrals as well as GP referrals for scans. Some appointments can be available within 24 hours depending on availability. 

For more information about the urology services at BMI The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke, or to book an appointment please call 01256 357111 or make an online enquiry