Patients rate their care as very good or excellent at BMI The Hampshire Clinic

An independent survey has indicated that 98.4% of patients who received care at BMI The Hampshire Clinic would rate their overall quality of care as very good or excellent. 

Furthermore, 99.4% agreed that their Consultant provided very good or excellent care, 93.4% said that the quality of overall nursing care was very good or excellent and 91.2% would rate the standard of their accommodation as very good or excellent.

Those were the findings from the independent survey operator Quality Health, which assessed responses from 591 patients of BMI The Hampshire Clinic who responded to a survey between 1 January and 31 December 2016.

Hospital Executive Director Bruce Robinson said: “Feedback from our patients is extremely important to us, as it highlights those areas where we do well and shows us where we need to focus. We strive to deliver excellent patient care to all our patients – those who come to us through the NHS, through their private medical insurance or who choose to pay for themselves.

“It is encouraging to receive this positive feedback particularly after receiving a positive overall “good” rating from the Care Quality Commission in the same year. We continue to enjoy great support from our patients and staff and try and learn from both positive and constructive feedback. Of course, not everything is perfect and we would be fooling ourselves if we believed we did everything well all the time. A good organisation must show humility, recognise its faults, and strive to ensure that it learns from them and that they do not happen again.”

The independent survey also showed high percentage scores across all assessed criteria, with ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ for physiotherapy 93.3%, pharmacy 90.5%, catering 82.6%, theatre staff 98.4% and Consultant anaesthetist 97.7%. In addition, 92% said that their overall impression of the arrival process was very good or excellent and 88.8% said that the discharge process was very good or excellent.

Quality Health also provides the same survey analysis and questions across the NHS.

Categories: Health

Date: 24th March 2017