Paediatric Services in Hampshire

PaediatricsBMI The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke treats a wide range of issues relating to children’s health, development and wellbeing, providing the whole family with familiarity and reassurance of the continuity of consultants and nurses.

At BMI The Hampshire Clinic, we try to ease the anxiety for both you and your child – we offer you and your child the opportunity to visit the hospital, prior to admission. This allows you to meet the staff and see the environment.

Our children’s nurses and paediatric consultants will aim to make you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed about their stay. We provide a selection of toys, a children’s menu and give your child a certificate and BMI teddy bear to take home.

Following your consultation, if required, the paediatrician can refer you to a wide range of clinicians with specialism in paediatric care (e.g dieticians, psychologists and surgeons) either at BMI The Hampshire Clinic or at other centres of excellence including Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Booking an appointment

Appointments can be made at various times from Monday to Friday with after-school hours available. You can make an appointment directly and a referral isn't required. We offer paediatric services to patients with private medical insurance or for those who are looking to pay for themselves.

Please note that we only admit children aged three and above for surgery, no interventional procedures are carried out on children under three years and children with acute medical or surgical problems are not admitted to BMI The Hampshire Clinic.

At BMI The Hampshire clinic, we cover a range of treatments and procedures covering specialties including ENT, general surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and urology.


Find out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the paediatric services at BMI The Hampshire Clinic here.

For more information about the paediatric services at BMI The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke, or to book an appointment please call 01256 357111 or make an online enquiry