Interview with Sean Crooks

Sean Crooks

Sean Crooks

Executive Director,
BMI The Highfield Hospital

I want to make The Highfield a place where consultants and our teams want to come to work, and a hospital of choice for our patients.

Sean, can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I’m a registered HCPC radiographer, where I specialised in MRI. I have worked in the independent sector for the majority of my career, following a short stint in East Lancashire NHS. I completed my MBA in 2014 in an attempt to accelerate my career in management. The MBA opened some really exciting opportunities for me, the most interesting of which was working with The CQC as a specialist advisor. I have worked with clinical and non-clinical teams throughout my career to improve services for patients, whilst also ensuring the profitability and performance of provisions remain at the top of the agenda. In the latter stages of working in the radiology field I worked as a Business Development Manager building relationships with large NHS Trusts, Universities, CCGs and Hospitals within the independent sector. I have recently moved from BMI the Alexandra in Cheadle, where I was the Director of Operations for two years.

As a new Executive Director at Highfield what are your first impressions?

The hospital has a genuinely positive vibe, everyone is friendly and engaging. The clinical teams are confident, constructive and have developed a culture they should be proud of. The non-clinical functions have performed exceptionally well through a challenging time in healthcare and the hospital is benefiting from their recent determination. The consultants are equally positive, down to earth and I can see that they have a partnership relationship with the hospital, something I consider to be very important. The hospital has already achieved a massive amount in recent years and the most exciting thing is we have potential for even more.

What would you like to achieve as Executive Director of Highfield?

I want to make The Highfield a place consultants and our teams want to come to work and a hospital of choice for our patients. I believe working with the team we have, to develop and strengthen the culture that already exists is the single best way of achieving our collective goals. I want to collaboratively create a strategy for growth and culture, which will underpin the opportunity in several years to demonstrate we are an Outstanding hospital with the CQC. Everyone wants to be outstanding, we just need a clear plan of how to get there, which is what I want to achieve.

How would you measure success?

Our patients and staff will be the biggest measure of our success. If we retain the right people and support their careers, they’ll work hard to look after our patients. Our patients have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to Healthcare, and we want to be the number one choice for our patients. We have to be successful commercially, developing our relationship with key stakeholders within the NHS will be important, as well as working closely to help consultants develop profitable private practices, with an additional focus on the self-pay market.

What do you like doing, when not working?

I have two brilliant children, Dottie (3) and Edison (12 weeks) and an awesome partner, Laura, to keep me busy when I’m not working. I love fishing, golf and I’m a qualified skydiver (although I haven’t jumped in a while). I have a campervan and I enjoy getting out and about, with the family, and being outdoors.

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