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Spinal surgery

At BMI Lancaster Hospital and BMI Beardwood Hospital in Blackburn, we offer specialist services to help you manage your spinal issues. If you receive your initial consultation at BMI Lancaster, you will be directed for spinal surgery (if needed) at our BMI Beardwood hospital. 

Only a 40-minute car journey apart, both hospitals deliver exceptional standards of clinical care and expertise. Equipped with the latest technologies and multidisciplinary teams of dedicated Orthopaedic Consultants, Physiotherapists, Pain Management specialists and more – our hospital teams are here to help you recover from your spinal issues as quickly and effectively as possible. 

At your initial spinal consultation at BMI Lancaster Hospital, your Consultant will ask you a series of questions regarding the history of your back pain, including when it started and how it impacts your everyday life. Your Consultant will want to know:

  • How intense your symptoms are;
  • Any current medication you are taking;
  • If there is an obvious cause behind your symptoms (such as a traumatic accident);
  • How long your symptoms have lasted for, and
  • Any neurological symptoms you might have.

After asking these questions and reviewing your medical history in detail, your Consultant will carry out a series of physical examinations which may include:

  • A neurological examination;
  • A vascular examination;
  • A motion test;
  • A hip and spinal alignment test, and
  • Any other tests required for your individual needs.

Remember, you are at the heart of your care.

You can ask your Consultant any questions at each stage of your initial consultation. They will be able to provide you with accurate and relevant information throughout. After they have reached a diagnosis, they will inform you whether you need surgery to treat your spinal issues.

If you do not need surgery, they will advise the appropriate treatment option for you. These can include physiotherapy and spinal injections.

The cause of your spinal issues

Spinal issues can be caused by several conditions, including:

Spondylolisthesis: This happens when a bone in your spine slips out of its natural position. This can cause lower back pain, stiffness and tingling.

A slipped (prolapsed) disc: This often causes back pain, numbness and tingling, which can be a cause for concern.

Sciatica: This refers to irritation that occurs on the nerve that runs from your lower back to your feet. It can cause widespread pain across your pelvic area.

There are many causes of spinal issues, so it is important to have your symptoms examined by a specialist to determine their cause and receive the best treatment possible.

At BMI Lancaster Hospital and BMI Beardwood Hospital, we offer fast access to dedicated orthopaedic care, usually within 48 hours.

With us, you can:

  • Choose from a network of Consultants;
  • Choose appointment times that suit you;
  • Experience quality care focused on you;
  • Experience the latest, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and digital services;
  • Benefit from consistent care with a multidisciplinary team of experts;
  • Spread the cost of your treatment with our easy ways to pay options, and
  • Be at the heart of your care.

Don’t suffer with back pain. You can access treatment fast.

At BMI Lancaster Hospital, our Spinal Surgeons use the latest innovative technology to treat and manage your spinal pain with precision and accuracy. You will benefit from a Consultant-led, tailored treatment plan that facilitates your every need.

We understand that suffering from back pain can be devastating and debilitating, wreaking havoc on your ability to perform everyday tasks, perform well at your job and have a fulfilling social life.

Fortunately, spinal surgery is an effective treatment option to manage chronic pain that affects your mobility and everyday life.

Broadly, spinal surgery is usually aimed at decompressing your neural tissue. It is performed to treat leg pain or neurological symptoms in your lower body. Spinal surgery aims to stabilise a painful or unstable part of your lower back, helping you regain mobility and function normally again.

Lumbar spine decompression surgery involves removing bone and ligament that has grown inwards into your spinal canal. This bone and ligament might be impinging on your nerve roots, causing pain and disability.

At BMI Lancaster Hospital, we have private physiotherapy rooms where you can work with a physiotherapist to prepare for surgery and recover from surgery. Your Physiotherapist will show you how to carry out a series of specialist exercises to help restore your range of movement, strength and confidence, so you can perform everyday activities with ease again.

Not all spinal issues require surgery. Regular physiotherapy sessions, pain relief medication and steroid injections can help. It’s important to speak with your Consultant about which treatment option is best for you. 

The cost of your treatment varies depending on which form of spinal surgery you opt for.

We offer fixed price packages with aftercare, as well as easy ways to pay options, so your financial journey with us can be straightforward and accessible.

To find out more about our treatment prices and packages, click here. 

It's time to take control of your health.  

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