Cosmetic Surgery in Lincoln

At BMI The Lincoln Hospital, Lincolnshire we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures, both invasive and non-invasive, with established, experienced consultants. 

We know that cosmetic surgery isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, that’s why our dedicated Cosmetic Consultants are with you every step of the way talking you through it – not into it. It’s not just about a new look. 

Cosmetic surgery, for us, goes deeper than that. A breast enlargement or a facelift can give someone a whole new level of confidence and that’s why we pride ourselves on our motto: more than skin deep. 

We believe it’s so important for you to have all the information you need regarding the surgery you’re considering, the journey as a patient and the aftercare plan before you make a decision.  

You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands at BMI The Lincoln Hospital. Your care will be delivered exclusively by your chosen consultant from start to finish, and will be backed up by high quality clinical support. 

At BMI The Lincoln Hospital we carry out the following procedures:

We have flexible payment options available that may be of help in allowing you to make a decision regarding your surgery, including the BMI Card.

To find out more about our cosmetic services or to book an appointment with a cosmetic consultant at BMI The Lincoln Hospital, Lincolnshire please call 01522 578 000 or alternatively, please make an online enquiry.