Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists

Our Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) service is dedicated to helping you manage and return to comfort for a wide range of conditions, including tonsillitis, snoring issues, neck lumps and bumps, and thyroid treatments.

On your visit to our ENT service at The London Independent Hospital, you will be looked after by our experienced and caring nursing staff and experienced consultants, dedicated to give you the highest possible standard of care.

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Sinus Surgery

Surgery to treat sinusitis (inflamed membrane lining of the air cavities surrounding the eyes, nose, and cheeks) aims to open up the spaces again. Antibiotics for causal infection may be a helpful alternative. The procedure is performed in a couple of hours under local or general anaesthetic, with special instruments and a flexible endoscope to access the sinuses through your nose and leaving no visible changes or scarring to your face. You will be able to return home the day after surgery and recovery is fast, and aided by light exercise.


A relatively simple procedure to remove the inflamed lymph tissue at the back of your throat (tonsils), usually resulting from repeated bacterial infection, that presents with pain, difficulty swallowing, and fever. The treatment involves general anaesthetic and takes only 30 minutes. You may return home the following day, and two weeks recovery off work is required.

Thyroid Surgery

In cases of your body's over-production of the hormone thyroxine, your ENT consultant may recommend partial or complete surgical removal of the thyroid gland in order to relieve the associated symptoms. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, taking one to two hours, and carefully removes the thyroid through a small incision made in the neck. Your consultant will make the incision along the skin creases in your neck to cleverly disguise any scarring. You will be able to return home after a couple of days, and return to work in two weeks.


If the cartilage dividing your nostrils is bent, it will result in a chronic blocked nose that will not go away without surgical intervention. The procedure is simple and fast (45 minutes) and will not result in facial scarring. Under local or general anaesthetic, working through the nostrils, your surgeon will carefully remove small sections of cartilage and straighten the remaining tissue. You will be able to return home the following day, and aided by light exercise you may recover after two weeks off work to avoid infections whilst the tissue heals.

At BMI The London Independent hospital in East London we offer the following treatments relating to ENT:

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