Private Surgeons in East London

General surgeryOur general surgery service at BMI The London Independent Hospital offers accurate diagnosis, advice and fast access to treatment for this wide-ranging area of medicine.

If you have a condition affecting the abdominal area and its organs, the breast, head and neck (including the salivary glands, parathyroid and thyroid), vascular and/or endocrine systems, we have the specialists who can help.

Hernia Repair

There are a variety of hernias, they all involve an internal part of the body pushing through weakened separations of muscle or tissue, but will not go away on their own. We offer rapid access to consultants, and simple and effective day surgery allowing you to return home the same day.

Gallbladder Removal

This surgery removes the gallbladder in patients suffering severe abdominal pain and other health complications due to the build-up of gallstones, and aims to return the patient to a pain-free state and able to eat a normal diet. The procedure takes an hour, you can expect to return home later that day, and return to work two to four weeks.


A colonoscopy is a safe and simple procedure to look inside the large intestine using a flexible scope, as a part of diagnosing problems such as inflammation or polyps. A light sedative may be given for comfort, the method will take 30-45minutes, and you may return home that day, and to work the next day.

Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is used to diagnose and treat a range of diseases of the body's blood and lymphatic vessels. Alternatives to invasive surgical treatment are available, and your vascular consultant will thoroughly discuss and decide with you on your best treatment options. Examples of conditions treated include varicose vein removal, heart failure, and leg ulcers.

Haemorrhoid Surgery

There a range of procedures available to treat piles, or haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are little vascular bulges around the anus, and whilst fairly common they can cause discomfort, bleeding, and pain.  Treatments include haemorrhoidectomy and the Rafaelo® Procedure, a non-invasive that allows you to return home the same day. Your rapid-access specialist consultant will discuss the best treatment options with you.


This field deals with the body's hormone systems. Our endocrinologists treat a range of conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, menopause disorders and others. You may want to see our rapid-access consults if you experience symptoms such as: constantly tired, bloating, chronic acne, reduced sex drive, painful or lumpy breasts.

At The London Independent hospital in East London we offer the following treatments relating to General Surgery:

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