Imaging Centre

Imaging Centre at The London Independent HospitalOur Imaging Centre is one of the most advanced and comprehensive in the South East, with recent multi-million pound investment in the UK’s first 128-slice CT scanner, full nuclear medicine, cardiac MRI and specialist imaging guided injection treatments.

The centre is managed by dedicated, accredited radiographers and specialist consultant radiologists. All images and scans are reported by consultant radiologists and some dual reported, eg cardiac CT, which is reported by both a consultant cardiologist and radiologist.

The imaging centre offers the full range of routine and specialist services, including:

  • General radiography
  • Digital fluoroscopy
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • Nuclear imaging
  • Multislice CT
  • MRI
  • Bone Mineral Density Scanning (DEXA)

Appointments can be booked directly by patients, medical practitioners or secretaries on 020 7790 1252. A written request/referral by a medical practitioner is required for all imaging services with the exception of DEXA bone density scanning.

All images taken are scanned into our computed radiography archive system and digital (CD) images are available.

Hours of service (Outpatient imaging)

  • Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 8am – 1pm

The department operates a 24/7 on-call service for inpatients.

General radiography

Our dedicated general x-ray rooms deal with all basic x-ray procedures including orthopaedic radiography, intravenous urography, tomography and orthopantomography (dental). The rooms are well equipped, spacious and designed to accommodate all patients including those in chairs and beds.

All images taken are scanned into our computed radiography archive system and digital (CD) images are available as well as the normal laser printed film.

Digital fluoroscopy

Our digital fluoroscopy unit enables us to watch images in ‘real time’ on a TV monitor as patients undergo procedures such as barium studies, urodynamics, angiography and various interventional procedures (nephrostomy, angioplasty, vessel embolisation and joint injections). Hickman lines and angiographic stents can also be inserted here.


The mammography unit is staffed by fully accredited radiographers. The unit offers general mammography as well as more specialised views. The unit is fully equipped for digital stereotactic localisation to aid biopsy and fine needle aspiration of soft tissue lesions. Our accredited consultant radiologists performing these techniques are specialists in this field.


The Imaging Centre has three ultrasound units, including one for use in the outpatient centre for the use of our visiting consultants. A full range of diagnostic ultrasound examinations are available at the centre. These range from general abdomen and pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological studies, follicular tracking, soft tissue joints and breast imaging. We also provide specialist scanning ranging from cardiac studies such as echocardiography and transoesophageal echo to colour doppler flow studies of vessels.

Ultrasound guided tranrectal prostatic biopsies, breast biopsies and drainage procedures are also undertaken by our consultants.

Nuclear imaging

Our dual headed gamma camera offers a comprehensive range of both dynamic and static studies with a small amount of a radioactive tracer injected into the patient which emit gamma rays to form the scan.

We offer a wide range of imaging, which include; whole body scanning, cardiac perfusion studies, renography, and studies of bone, lung, thyroid, liver as well as gastro intestinal. Specialised sentinal node imaging for breast is also available.

Multislice CT

Our advanced 128 slice scanner is capable of extremely rapid 2D scans of all areas of the body with scan widths down to 0.5mm. This minimises discomfort and radiation exposure for our patients due to shortened scanning times.

The scanner also produces very detailed 3D images of the whole body including moving organs, bone and blood vessels and can assist in the early diagnosis of many conditions thus allowing for rapid treatment.

We also carry out other techniques such as virtual colonoscopy and angiography for neck, brain, renal and peripheral vessels. Procedures to aid stroke assessment are available as are lung nodule monitoring, cardiac imaging including calcium scoring and CT coronary angiography. Dental imaging including implant measurements and maxillo-facial scanning is also available.


MRI has become an invaluable tool in the detection and monitoring of many diseases. MRI uses a combination of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce exquisitely detailed images of any part of the body. MRI is generally safe and can be used for most age groups.

Our specialised 1.5 tesslar MRI scanner is equipped with a full range of dedicated coils and software packages to produce exquisitely detailed images of any part of the body, including joints, brain, spine, abdomen, pelvic and MR angiography; brain, carotid, renal, peripheral and cardiac. With this technology whole body imaging is also available and we are also one of the few centres to offer breast imaging and biopsy under MRI control.

Unfortunately patients with cardiac pacemakers or aneurysm clips within the brain are still excluded from MRI.

Bone Mineral Density Scanning (DEXA)

The DEXA scanner uses very low dose x-rays to scan the lower back and one hip joint. It measures bone mineral density and is essential in the detection of osteoporosis and other pathologies resulting in low bone mineral density.  The specialist report gives an indication of a fracture risk factor.  This is the only imaging service offered on a self-referral basis.