Interview with Sunny Chada, Executive Director

Sunny Chada Executive Director

Sunny Chada

Executive Director,
BMI The London Independent Hospital

I hope to see further outreach into the community to provide care to our patients closer to their home.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I initially trained as an accountant and worked for another private hospital business, but I felt I wanted a more ‘hands on’ role and moved into operations – so everything non-clinical within the hospital. I became Chief Operating Officer at the largest private hospital in the UK and really enjoyed my time there.

BMI The London Independent Hospital gave me a great opportunity to lead a complex tertiary hospital in the heart of East London as a CEO. With my background at the Wellington Hospital, I hope I can bring my skills in developing and growing new business to the BMI group while driving up standards of patient care.

Away from work, I’m a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter and have a young family of three children so I’m also highly skilled in providing taxi services!

In your opinion, what makes the London Independent Hospital different from other private hospitals in the area?

A big difference with the London Independent compared to other private hospitals is the fact that we offer complex tertiary care. Some of the great services we have here include renal dialysis and complex cardiology.

We are also one of the only trauma and orthopaedics services in London, and benefit from having prominent teaching consultants in the UK - particularly in trauma - working with us from prestigious NHS hospitals like the Royal London Hospital.

We also work closely on the development of cardiac services in heart of London. One of our strongest unique selling points at the London Independent Hospital is the fact that we rarely ever have to transfer patients out of the hospital due to the provision of our consultation led Intensive Therapy Unit services.

Recently, the London Independent was part of a global first when mixed reality technology was used to assist in bowel cancer surgery. This was a very exciting day which saw three surgeons across three hospitals in London and India using Microsoft HoloLens technology to talk to each other and offer their opinions. Professor Shafi Ahmed used the HoloLens to assist him in removing bowel cancer from a patient at the Royal London Hospital, while Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Hitesh Patel offered his assistance from the London Independent, as well as Professor Shaliesh Shrikhande from the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

What are some of the upcoming developments at the hospital that you could tell us about?

We are fortunate that BMI is investing roughly £5m in the London Independent during 2018. This will be primarily an investment in a refurbishment programme for our ward, including the development of a private wing.

We will also be investing in a redesigned reception area to improve our patient’s experience. We are also looking to invest in the provision of outpatient diagnostic centres in the community to increase the provision in the local community.

If we were having this conversation a year from now, what do you hope to have achieved in that time?

I would hope that by the end of 2018 we would be in a position where we have a truly world class customer journey and an improved patient pathway for all patients - enabling quicker access to all Clinical Services. I would also hope to see further outreach into the community to provide care to our patients closer to their home.

Who do you admire in the business world?

I absolutely love the Apple technology and the business that Steve Jobs developed. I think it’s inspirational that he considered every customer’s potential needs and developed products that are now used all over the world. It's truly inspiring.

Is there something else you would like to add for the community of East London?

We have recently started working with the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, with the aim of helping to engage with young people in Tower Hamlets through an educational programme. I hope we will help develop the consultants, doctors and nurses of the future for the heart of East London.

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