Interview with Yvonne Mann - Endoscopy Lead

Yvonne Mann

Yvonne Mann

Endoscopy Lead,
BMI The London Independent Hospital

All parts of my role as the Endoscopy Lead benefits our patients' safety directly.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I began my training in various theatres and endoscopy units within NHS hospitals. 

After my training, I worked as an endoscopy lead at another private healthcare hospital group and then came to BMI Healthcare to work in the endoscopy theatre and day recovery from 2000-2008. I came back to BMI Healthcare in 2015, where I have since set up the endoscopy unit from scratch. 

I always like to learn new things. I have a BSc in Medical Law, an Honours degree in Gastroenterology, I’ve trained in management for effective changes in health services, effective customer care and a course in professional issues in endoscopy. I'm also an associate member of the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG), which I attend every year to make sure I'm in keeping of the current guidelines of practice in endoscopy.

Can you describe a typical day/week at London Independent hospital for you?

A typical day for me involves making sure that everything is running smoothly for all patients, consultants and staff, ensuring that they’re happy. Everything needs to be moving efficiently, ensuring there’s enough equipment and staffing for the safety of the patients.

I double check that the administration team have everything they need, patients are ready for their procedures, which I am often also involved or present in. I get involved in all areas of the endoscopy unit, from decontamination to the admin side. To be honest, the day varies most of the time. When it’s quiet, I get to go through all auditing and other admin bits I need to do, but on a busy day I concentrate on the clinical side.

My role also involves analysing and meeting our KPIs, auditing for consultants, making sure consultants are following JAG compliance and auditing for decontamination. I'm also involved in training new staff, within all areas of the endoscopy team. Part of my role also involves ensuring that patients are treated on time and that the endoscopy unit is following the patient journey the way it should be.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy speaking with anyone involved in the clinical pathway, from patients, to consultants, nurses and other staff. 

At times, I pre-assess patients and if there’s a problem or they’re concerned, which is really common, I talk to them about their queries and reassure them. 

I also love completing the auditing as it enables me to know that what is being done is being done properly to my standards.

We get very positive feedback for the care we provide at the endoscopy unit.

I ensure that everything follows the correct guidelines. We’ve created a unique, high-quality patient journey here at BMI The London Independent hospital. We use the patient questionnaires to improve ourselves and our work. We always look for negative comments as well as the positive, so we can strive to be better and resolve any issues. 

We get very positive feedback regarding the nursing care we provide at the endoscopy unit and the patients are always happy. We always keep the comments and show the staff to encourage and uplift them.

How does your role benefit the patients at London Independent hospital?

All parts of my role benefits the patients' safety directly. 

If I didn’t make sure that everything was carried out according to the book, the patients’ safety would be at risk. As well as this, I make sure our patients are treated fairly.

A lot of people get nervous before endoscopy procedures, so I have the chance to educate them and go through everything with the patient prior to their procedure. Another benefit is that I get to pass on my knowledge to my staff, which then benefits the patient as I know they are receiving the correct standard of treatment.

What has been your biggest achievement at London Independent hospital?

My biggest achievement has been setting the endoscopy unit up in 2015.

I helped choose and buy the equipment for the suite and introduced the patient pathway. The initial plan was created by the staff before I came back to BMI Healthcare, so my main role was choosing the high standard, modern equipment.

I manage 12 members of staff and 10 consultants; I trained all 12 of the team, including the admin staff, nurses, recovery staff and decontamination team. I’m proud to say that our endoscopy unit was awarded an outstanding CQC visit report last year. 

We’re also on track to become JAG Accredited!

Yvonne Mann

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I love swimming and I try to swim three times a week if I have time to do so. I love to travel and see new places when I can. 

We have a home in Cornwall, which is lovely to escape to and we also love holidaying in Mexico. I have two children, as well as grandchildren who I love spending my time with.

Thanks for your time, Yvonne.

BMI The London Independent Hospital provides a wide range of endoscopy procedures including colonoscopy, polypectomy and hysteroscopy. Find out more about The Heather Suite and the endoscopy procedures provided, here.