Snapchat Spectacles filming at BMI The London Independent Hospital

BMI Healthcare Consultant, Mr Shafi Ahmed, has followed up on his ground-breaking live-streaming of an operation using Google Glass in 2014, with another streamed operation, this time using Snapchat Spectacles.

Spectacles are one-size fits all sunglasses with always-on cameras. By pressing a button on the front a 10-second stream is recorded, with a second press allowing the capture of a 30-second stream.

Widely renowned as a leading advocate of the use of virtual reality and wearable technology in healthcare – having already been the first to live stream an operation in 360-degree video via his Medical Realities website - Mr Ahmed wanted to experiment with Spectacles to see if they could be used as part of his learning and development programme for his students and worldwide online audience.

On Friday Dec 9 Mr Ahmed performed an inguinal hernia repair at the BMI London Independent Hospital, becoming the first surgeon to do so whilst streaming it via Snapchat Spectacles. 150 medical students and trainees across the world watched the operation.

To keep up to date with Mr Ahmed you can follow him on Snapchat as “virtualsurgeon”, or on Twitter ‘@ShafiAhmed5’ and read our article about the Mr Ahmed's google glass operation.

Categories: Health

Date: 9th December 2016