Sports trauma team on standby for taekwondo athletes at BMI The London Independent Hospital

Meet the emergency healthcare team at BMI The London Independent Hospital, currently on official standby for the World Taekwondo Grand Prix and the World Para Taekwondo Championships at the Copper Box Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London.

Everyone hopes that the athletes will not incur an injury, but if they do the team coaches know that the imaging team, trauma surgeons, theatre staff and physiotherapists are on hand just minutes away from the event. The Stepney Green-based team is well practiced at dealing with sporting trauma – they provide regular support for a number of sporting events, including hockey championships, boxing tournaments and Soccer Sixes football matches at a number of venues, including the O2 arena and the Lee Valley Sports Park.

Sports trauma BMI The London Independent Hospital

Hospital Executive Director Sunny Chada said: “We are really proud of the service we have developed alongside these sports teams and their medics. We cater for a whole range of injuries, from the minor through to major trauma, and are on standby all the time for these tournaments. The teams feel comforted to know that we are just minutes away.”

This proximity to sporting events was essential in one recent case, where a sportsperson hurt their shoulder during an event and was rushed to the hospital. They had an x-ray, a CT scan and a quick diagnosis of a broken collarbone. Consultant trauma and upper limb specialist Mr Ali Noorani carried out a surgical repair to the bone and the patient was discharged within hours.

Part of the rapid response is enabled through using WhatsApp, a smartphone app whereby all the hospital team members on call receive an alert that a patient needs their help.

Mr Chada continued: “Ensuring that we are all part of the WhatsApp group – myself, our imaging department, our surgeons and of course the team’s medic – means we are able to respond within seconds and that the whole team has access to the same information quickly. “Of course, we hope that the athletes taking part in the Taekwondo event today and this weekend won’t need us, but if they do we will be ready.”

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Date: 26th October 2017