East London Ophthalmology Service

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Our rapid access service enables you a consultation with an ophthalmologist consultant of your choice normally within a week, and undergo your ophthalmic procedure in a matter of days.

Our ophthalmic consultants and hospital staff are caring, experienced and dedicated to your comfort and ease of mind. Your treatment and payment options are transparent, and thoroughly and efficiently explained.

We regularly hold FREE public health talks presented by one of our consultants, providing you with all the information and guidance in considering your treatment and payment options.

Are you experiencing any of the following? We regularly see patients with a range of opthalmic conditions, including:

  • Changes to your vision; such as spots, double vision, colour changes, shadows, blurriness
  • Loss of vision
  • Physical changes to the eye

Laser Eye Surgery

If you are experiencing short-sightedness, long-sightedness, or astigmatism then this brief and common procedure may be suitable for you to regain near-perfect vision. Your London Independent consultant Ophthalmologist will determine your best treatment plan. You will be discharged the same day, and recovery time may be anything from two days to a week or two.

Cataract Surgery

Blurry vision or changes to the focus of vision may be due to a cloudy lens, a natural process of ageing. Your consultant will guide you on treatment options. We offer simple and fast surgery, replacing the lens with an artificial implant, you should be able to go home in a few hours, and see improved vision within a few days.

Lens Exchange Surgery

Lens Exchange Surgery is normally performed to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses, and involves replacing the natural eye lens with an intraocular lens. It can be a particularly successful treatment option for patients with various forms of astigmatisms or wanting to avoid cataract surgery later in life. This procedure might not be suitable if you are over the age of 40 and have very eye glasses prescription.

Glaucoma Surgery

Is a relatively quick and simple procedure serving to relieve the intraocular pressure associated with a group of various conditions that slowly damage the optic nerve of the eye and can eventually result in loss of vision. The procedure is completed in less than an hour, and you should be able to go home after 2 hours.

Eyelid Surgery

Your consultant ophthalmic surgeon will advise you on treatment options for a range of conditions: including eyelid lumps, bumps, lesions, blepharitis, meibomianitis, dry eye and contact lens problems, upper and lower lid cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin an tissue (blepharoplasties).

Full range of ophthalmic treatments offered here at BMI The London Independent:

Booking appointments or finding more information about the services is simple and fast -  call us at 020 7780 2400, book an appointment online, or make an enquiry here.

Our comprehensive private hospital is located close to the City of London, East London, and Canary Wharf, and within easy access of Essex and the Home Counties, via Tube, bus and car.