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Taxi Driver Medical Check East London

At BMI The London Independent Hospital, we offer private Taxi and Private Hire Medical Assessments to patients based in Enfield, Highgate and Bromley.

Private Taxi and Private Hire Medical Assessments in East London

All licensed London taxi and private hire vehicle drivers must satisfy the Licensing Authority regulations and undergo a medical assessment.

We follow the DVLA Group 2 standards in assessing an individual’s medical fitness to operate a vehicle.

How can we help you?

BMI The London Independent hospital offers cardiac testing and reporting services to support drivers with their licence and licence-renewal requirements.

What tests are involved?

What tests are involved?

The most popular tests required by the DVLA and Carriage Office are:

Cardiac stress testing

If you are unable to satisfy the requirements for the treadmill/exercise stress test, we will write to your GP and recommend that you proceed with an Echocardiogram.

Price: £332 (exercise treadmill test with cardiac physiologist)


This is a test using sound waves. However in certain circumstances where the test is unable to produce a clear image of the heart, we will write to your GP and recommend that you proceed with a contrast echocardiography.

Price: £399 (sound wave and probe test with cardiac physiologist)

Contrast echocardiography

The test involves placing an IV line in your hand or arm and is particularly effective to measure the endocardial border and left ventricular function in patients who have suboptimal non contrast echocardiogram.

Price: £956 (Consultant, cardiac physiologist and cardiac nurse)

We also offer a range of cardiac MRI testing (stress and non-stress), perfusion scans, CTCA (CT coronary angiogram) and calcium scoring. Please enquire below for more information.

What do you need to do?

What do you need to do?

You will need to visit your registered GP and request a medical summary, also known as a local record along with a referral letter addressed to our hospital and Cardiology department.

This brief but concise medical history must record in detail any cardiac events in the 6 weeks prior to your tests being carried out at our hospital. We can only accept referrals produced by your registered GP.

Are the tests supervised?

Are the tests supervised?

You will be under professional clinical care throughout the duration of all the cardiac tests we offer. Either a cardiac physiologist and/or a cardiac nurse conduct all of our tests. A Consultant cardiologist will report on and sign off the results.

How do you pay?

How do you pay?

This is a self-pay procedure, and we require payment to be made on the day of your test in our cashier’s office. Please note we cannot accept AMEX cards or cheques.

Booking a test

Please take a moment to check you have all of the documentation required to book a test:

  • DVLA Standard 2 Medical Form (to be completed by you and signed off by our cardiologist)
  • Medical Declaration Form (TPH204) (to be completed by you and your GP)
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