Free one to one advice with a Specialist Consultant

BMI The Manor Hospital have launched a series of Free Mini Consultation appointments a variety of specialties as a means of supporting their local community to access medical advice from specialists.

man in consultation

There are many different reasons why people choose to have a procedure; to improve quality of life, to relieve severe pain and discomfort or to improve self-confidence. In many cases however people are unsure of what is the most appropriate treatment option for them, or they cannot access the treatment they need when they need it. Speaking directly with a Consultant Specialist gives people the opportunity to ask questions relating to their condition or symptoms and they can get personalised advice and guidance on the most appropriate treatment options for them. It also provides them with fast access to quality care.

BMI The Manor Hospital are offering Bedfordshire residents the opportunity to spend up to 15 minutes with a Consultant Specialist in a face-to-face one-to-one consultation. It’s completely free of charge and attendees are under no obligation. Hospital Executive Director, Moira Stokoe said: “We hope that people will leave the consultation feeling much more informed and confident about how they wish to manage or relieve their symptoms.”

The Free Mini Consultation clinics currently on offer include:

For more details or to book an appointment please visit our events pages: and search under ‘The Manor Hospital’ or you can call us on:
0800 142 2324 for cosmetic and varicose veins appointments
0800 404 6657 for orthopaedic and women’s health appointments

Date: 4th September 2019