Cardiologists in Coventry

cardiac services If you have been diagnosed or have a suspected heart condition, you may want rapid access to a specialist. At BMI The Meriden Hospital we have a number of consultant cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who are able to diagnose and provide a range of treatments to patients in and around Coventry and Warwickshire. 

Symptoms of heart conditions may include:

  • Chest pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Palpitations
  • Dizzy spells and blackouts
  • Tiredness or lethargy

In addition to general consultations we also offer bespoke screening for a range of patients including pilots and athletes.

List of procedures offered at BMI Meriden include: 

Most of our cardiologists can perform invasive cardiology procedures at our Cadiac Catherisation Lab based at The Meriden Hospital:

The procedures are:

Making an appointment

Our consultants have clinics throughout the week. Once your heart condition has been diagnosed, patients will be referred to an appropriate consultant with a special interest and experience in that area.

To find out more about cardiology services at BMI The Meriden Hospital, please contact 024 7664 7070 or make an enquiry here.