Life changing hip arthroscopy operation live streamed from Coventry to Munich

Live surgery

Surgery to end ten years of hip pain in a young man was also an international educational event when the operation was live-streamed to a conference in Munich.

Professor Damian Griffin, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, performed the procedure at BMI The Meriden Hospital in Coventry. He was watched by other eminent hip surgeons from all over the world on a live satellite link-up.

Professor Griffin is an international expert in hip surgery for young, active people and athletes.  He is especially known for his development of keyhole surgery in the hip, known as hip arthroscopy. This is often the best treatment for younger people who have sports injuries and conditions such as FAI syndrome.

He said: “Performing the operation live gave surgeons a chance to ask me questions as I went along, so that I can explain to them the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the procedure.  It was a great deal more interactive for them than just watching a video of an operation or hearing someone talk about it.”

Hip arthroscopies differ from hip replacements in that they use keyhole surgery techniques, they enable the patient to keep their own joint rather than have a replacement, they get rid of pain more quickly and enable the patient to return to full activity and sport with a complete recovery typically within three months.

Live surgery

The patient star of the show was Adam Henbrow, 34, assistant facilities manager for Arsenal Football Club. Having previously had complications with a hip operation on his right side at a different hospital some years previously, he was understandably nervous about a second procedure to his left hip.

“I used to play football all the time 10 years ago before the original diagnosis,” he said. “Since then my hips had got worse and worse. I have had pain for the last 10 years basically. But I was feeling confident about the surgery with Professor Griffin.

Adam is looking forward to being well enough to return to football: “After the operation, I need to return in six weeks’ time and see if I need something else doing on the other side”, he said. “If he needs to operate, it will be in a couple of weeks and hopefully in six to nine weeks’ time all the procedures will be done and I will just need rehabilitation.”

“The staff at BMI The Meriden Hospital have been amazing since I have been here. They have looked after me since the time I got my paperwork in, which is great.”

Adam’s procedure was covered by the Bupa insurance he has through his employer, meaning he was able to access the procedure without the need to go on an NHS waiting list or self-fund.

Date: 8th December 2016