Blood pressure & atherosclerosis clinic


For most patients with high blood pressure the chances are it has no definite cause, and may run in the family which is called ‘essential hypertension’ and can usually be managed in primary care at your GP surgery.  

However, some patients have high blood pressure which is severe or difficult to control, or is related to an underlying medical condition – this is called ‘secondary hypertension’.

At BMI The Park Hospital in Nottingham, our consultant-led blood pressure clinic is open to patients with difficult to control, high blood pressure and patients that have experienced side effects from anti-hypertensive medication and would like a second option, or require treatment modification.

What can you expect from the clinic?

  • Evaluation for secondary causes of high blood pressure, target organ damage, accurate assessment of treatment adherence
  • Advice on weight loss, salt restriction, physical activity and diet modification
  • Comprehensive information and education about monitoring your blood-pressure at home
  • 24-hour blood-pressure monitoring for evaluation of white-coat syndrome and masked hypertension where appropriate
  • Pharmacological treatment and treatment of secondary causes
  • Feedback provided to your NHS GP regarding your treatment if required

What is blood pressure?

"Blood pressure" is the terms given to the pressure of blood against the artery walls. The higher the blood pressure, the more your heart has to work to circulate blood around the body. A blood pressure level that is higher than recommended can lead to heart disease and other conditions.

In the UK, 1 in 7 men and 1 in 12 women die from heart disease.* Having blocked or damaged arteries - known as atherosclerosis - greatly increases the chance of developing heart disease, and high blood pressure increases the strain on both your arteries and heart causing potential damage.

Other dangers of high blood pressure

Heart disease isn't the only problem that high blood pressure can cause, an overworked heart and damaged arteries can also lead to a variety of other conditions:

  • Heart attack: The increased strain placed on your heart can result in a heart attack.
  • Stroke: Blood clots can develop through poor circulation, which may in turn result in a stroke. High blood pressure can also cause ruptures in blood vessels, resulting in a brain haemorrhage or a stroke.
  • Kidney disease: Kidney failure can occur if the arteries supplying the kidneys are damaged.
  • Erectile dysfunction: A common cause of erectile dysfunction is poor circulation as blood flow to the penis is compromised.
  • Dementia: A factor in vascular dementia can be poor blood flow to the brain.
  • Blindness: Bleeding in the eye and ultimately blindness can be caused by damage to the arteries in the eye.
  • Diabetes: Type-2 diabetes, caused by a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, and obesity.

For more information about the Blood Pressure clinic and other Cardiology services and treatments available at BMI The Park Hospital please call us on 01159 662000 or make an online enquiry.