Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy at BMI The Park Cancer Centre

Chemotherapy at The Park Cancer Centre
Macmillan accreditationOur chemotherapy service is designed to be completely flexible to meet the patient’s needs, offering both inpatient and day case facilities with round the clock assistance available.

With the support of the region’s leading private hospital, BMI The Park, The Park Cancer Centre offers fast access to the support required to provide an effective chemotherapy service. This includes onsite diagnostic equipment (x-ray, MRI, CT) and blood test facilities and a fully stocked Pharmacy giving access to the latest drugs.

Our Cancer patients each have a dedicated nurse that is highly experienced in administering chemotherapy and a bespoke treatment plan and regime designed to suit their individual requirements. The Centre has 3 private rooms and 4 open therapy bays in which treatment can be delivered. Most therapy is delivered within our day case facility, meaning patients can go home the same day. Where there is a need for a patient to stay overnight, we are able to accommodate this in our main hospital.

Radiotherapy at The Park Cancer Centre

The Park Cancer Centre also offers patients access to onsite radiotherapy treatments through GenesisCare UK onsite, including:

  • Intensity Modulated Radio Therapy (IMRT)
  • Image Guided Radio Therapy (IGRT)
  • Surface Guided Radio Therapy (SGRT)
  • Deep Inspiration Breath Hold(DIBH)
  • Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR)

What is Intensity Modulated Radio Therapy(IMRT) and Image Guided Radio Therapy(IGRT)?
These radiotherapy treatments have been shown to treat cancer with greater accuracy and fewer side effects than conventional radiotherapy.

Intensity Modulated Radio Therapyshapes radiation beams to closely fit the area where the cancer is and changes the radiotherapy dose depending on the shape of the tumour. This avoids unnecessary damage to normal tissues which is one of the causes of side-effects for patients.

With Image Guided Radio Therapy the radiotherapy machine has a specially integrated CT apparatus which enables the therapy radiographers to take detailed images and scans before each treatment to check the position of the tumour.Combining both IMRT and IGRT radiotherapy has been shown to optimise the effect of radiotherapy by targeting the required dose to the tumour much more precisely, thus avoiding the severity of side effects caused by damage to surrounding normal tissue.

Surface Guided Radio Therapy 
Surface Guided Radiation Therapy uses the patient’s external surface to help ensure that radiation dose is reproducibly applied in accordance with the treatment plan.

During treatment, patient motion is tracked by three 3D cameras in real time. The radiation beam is only activated once the patient is correctly positioned, and the beam is paused if the patient moves.  The cameras monitor thousands of points on the patient’s skin and can sense movements with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold 
Deep Inspiration Breath Hold is a treatment we use specifically for patients with left-sided breast cancer, as well as those with certain lung, thoracic and abdominal cancers. It is an effective method of limiting radiation exposure to the heart and lungs by pushing the treatment area away from nearby vital organs, and eliminates movement caused through breathing by encouraging patients to hold their breath during treatment for periods of 20 – 35 seconds. This means a more precise area can be treated and more radiation can be delivered to tumours in the lungs, liver, pancreas and breast.

Radiotherapy without tattoos for breast patients
Using a Surface Guided Radiation Therapy system, patients having treatment for breast cancer at The Park Cancer Centre can be treated without having to have radiotherapy tattoos on the skin surface.  A system of cameras is used to align the patient in the correct position for treatment. The Park Cancer Centre is the only radiotherapy centre in the Midlands currently offering this service.

Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy 
The Park Cancer Centre is able to offer a type of radiotherapy called Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy for some patients, usually those with smaller cancers.  This is a highly focussed treatment allowing an intense dose of radiotherapy to be given to a small area, whilst limiting the dose to other areas of the body.  Your consultant will discuss this type of treatment with you if it is suitable.

If you would like to find out more information about having your cancer treatment at The Park Cancer Centre please call 0115 966 2260 or make an online enquiry.