Nottingham Health Check Service

Health assessmentsAt BMI The Park Hospital we offer a range of specialist health assessments giving you the opportunity to prevent and highlight any potential health issues early on.

Our range of Health Assessments gives you a choice of diagnostic tests and examinations, each with adequate time to explore and discuss any lifestyle related concerns, and includes time with both a nurse and private GP.

We offer 3 levels of health assessments:

Following your assessment, we will share with you a report containing any recommendations for lifestyle changes and a detailed record of all your test results.

If necessary, you will have fast access to further diagnostic tests with our Private GP service, and quick onward referral to treatment where required.

If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you during your consultation.

Our GPs providing health Assessments include:

For more information about Health Assessments at BMI The Park Hospital or to make an appointment please call 0800 004 600 or make an online enquiry

*nurse only health assessment