Mammograms & Breast Scans in Nottingham

Breast Clinic ParkThe Park Breast Care Clinic in Nottingham is a consultant-led multidisciplinary service caring for the needs of patients with breast disorders.

We also see patients who have no specific breast symptoms but are concerned about a family history of breast disorders, as well as patients who simply wish to have a breast check or screening

The breast clinic runs on a Wednesday every week of the year, excluding Bank Holidays.

After an initial appointment with the Consultant Breast Surgeon and a detailed breast examination, you will then be referred for diagnostic imaging if required immediately after your consultation. 

Our onsite imaging facilities include Digital Mammography, breast ultrasound and guided biopsies. Once the necessary tests have been carried out, the Consultant will see you again that day to establish a full diagnosis and treatment plan if required. f a biopsy is required results will be discussed with you in a second appointment within 48 hours.

Breast Clinic Consultants include:

The breast clinic in Nottingham is open to both privately insured patients and patients wishing to pay for themselves; you do not need a GP referral to access the clinic.

For further information or to book an appointment, please call 0808 101 0337 or make an online enquiry.