Consultant Mr Urso Baiarda wins Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year

Mr Urso Baiarda An award-winning surgeon from BMI Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor has been awarded another industry prize, picking up 'Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year' at The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards this month.

Mr Urso-Baiarda, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon at the BMI Princess Margaret Hospital since 2015, was awarded the title by a panel of established professionals from the medical, cosmetic and beauty industry, as part of the ‘Safety in Beauty’ Campaign event on Saturday 8th July at the Langham Hotel in the capital.  The award was based upon patient feedback and Fulvio was one of just nine surgeons across the UK to be shortlisted.

As a teenager, Fulvio was a very talented artist and was so good, that by time he was 15, Fulvios art teacher was selling his work to friends at dinner parties. Creating works of art was his first passion and when it came to choosing a career beyond school, he was reluctant to give up his art studies. However, he was also a very gifted scientist and was offered a place to study medicine at Oxford. 

Fulvio, who works from BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital says: I really loved science and I found most of it quite easy. However, when I went to Oxford though I liked my studies I really missed the artistic side of things. That made me wobble a bit. Had I chosen the right career?

It was only when I started to learn about plastic surgery as medical speciality that I realised you could combine artistic creativity with medicine and I fell in love with the idea of becoming a plastic surgeon. That was a pivotal moment and I havent looked back since.”

Fulvio completed his medical degree at Oxford, his Plastic Surgery training between Yorkshire and Australia, and his Cosmetic Surgery training in London and New York. He is now a leading authority on Plastic Surgery and a sought after public speaker who is passionate about his work and ensuring patients get the very best advice and care.

I am particularly pleased to have been awarded this Safety in Beautyaward, as patient safety and improving standards in the industry is so important to me. Patients deserve the very best and most appropriate care available and I work hard to influence the rest of the industry to ensure they get that”says Fulvio.

He has several awards* to his name and also works as an advisor to the industry organisation the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons on both safety issues, and the issue of data management (he has designed his own patient management database). Fulvio has written the only aesthetics textbook that is about evidence-based cosmetic surgery: which he illustrated himself. He has also published extensively in medical, scientific and plastic surgery journals over the last two decades and serves on the editorial board for two medical journals.

Fulvio, aged 42, lives in Windsor with his wife Rebecca and his two small children. Rebecca is a professional photographer, who helps to run her husband’s practice.

*Fulvio has won numerous prizes for his work spanning topics from medical science to trauma research. Examples include; the BAPRAS Kay-Kilner Prize for Evidence-Based Plastic Surgery; the BAPRAS Barron Prize for advancing a painless suture removal technique for children; and the prestigious BAAPS Travelling Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery.

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Date: 13th July 2017