Snowdon climb completed after spinal operation

Diane Price

Diane Price

I have my life back. I can go walking again.
I know I have been lucky to have been in the hands of talented and professional people.

After undergoing a complex spinal surgery at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, Diane Price made the decision to climb the highest mountain in Wales – Snowdon. Her surgeon, Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr Mushtaque Ishaque, is thrilled with Diane’s recovery and is really proud of her progress. Here’s Diane’s inspirational story.

Diane Price, 55, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, was suffering from excruciating pain when a cyst that had formed on her spine  was pressing on her sciatic nerve and becoming increasingly painful.

Diane’s sciatica ran down the length of her left leg and became so severe that it was incredibly difficult to sit, stand or even sleep for any period of time. With a cocktail of painkillers to get her through the day, Diane was eventually unable to work because sitting at a desk all day made the pain even worse. Eventually, Diane decided to take the plunge and seek medical help with her private insurance.


Upon meeting Mr Mushtaque Ishaque at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, he explained that the pain was increasing because the cyst was growing rapidly, eventually doubling in size, due to a wall forming around the cyst and pushing her vertebrae forward.

Faced with the daunting prospect of a complex spinal procedure, Diane decided that she just wanted the pain to stop and felt very reassured by Mr Ishaque. She said, “I had faith in my surgeon, because he explained the procedure in very clear terms so I understood exactly what was going to happen to me. Mr Ishaque and his team were kind, caring and supportive before and after my operation. I recall being terrified at the thought of standing up for the first time following my operation, but the physiotherapists were amazing and gave me the confidence to do it”.

Diane returned to work six months after the surgery, and although she has occasional discomfort from the internal scar tissue, this should continue to improve and she believes it's a small price to pay. Twelve months post operation, Diane made the brave decision to put herself and her body to the ultimate test by climbing the highest mountain in Wales - Snowdon. Her confidence was back and she felt ready to take on the physical challenge of climbing a mountain over 1000 metres high!

Diane Price“I have my life back. I can go walking again. I know I've have been lucky to have been in the hands of talented and professional people.”

Mr Ishaque said “Diane had a moderately large facet joint cyst in the spinal canal which was pressing on the nerve root causing disabling leg and back pain. I performed a spinal decompression and reconstruction which took approximately three hours. She has done so well since her operation and I’m very proud of her achievement in climbing Snowdon”.

Upon completing her triumphant Snowdon mountain climb Diane said, “I felt overwhelmed and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was incredibly humbling. Before my operation I'd taken my health for granted, I thought nothing of climbing hills and mountains, but that's what made it so special because I really didn't think I would be able to do it again. I feel incredibly lucky!”


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