Patient case study - Endometriosis

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Jennifer Turbitt and Louise Newman

I will always be so very grateful to Mr Mann for his professionalism and skill. It could have been a very different story for me.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that causes painful or heavy periods. It’s caused by tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (the endometrium) is found outside the womb. It leads to infertility in up to 50 per cent of cases and also causes fatigue and bowel and bladder problems. Around 1.5 million women in the UK are currently living with the condition and it can affect all women and girls of a childbearing age, regardless of race or ethnicity. Jennifer Turbitt and Louise Newman are two of those women, find out more about their stories and experience at BMI The Priory Hospital.

Jennifer Turbitt

Jennifer TurbittBefore Jennifer had her procedure, she was living in uncertainty because she didn’t know what was wrong with her. She hadn’t had a monthly cycle for over a nine month period and when she began thinking of having a family, she was unsure whether it would be possible.

Jennifer was referred to consultant gynaecologist Mr Christopher Mann and after further tests, confirmed that she had endometriosis and a cyst on both ovaries, which were possibly cancerous.

At a time of great uncertainty I was mentally motivated by the professionalism from Mr Mann, his very efficient and lovely secretary and the quick time scales between procedures.’ Mr Mann performed Jennifer’s surgery and removed both the endometriosis tissue and cyst.

‘The endometriosis was very severe and had webbed itself significantly onto my right ovary, but Mr Mann skilfully removed it all, leaving my ovary in a good working condition. He also removed a non-cancerous cyst from my left ovary.’

Jennifer Turbitt babyAfter the surgery, both ovaries were healthy. It was a very successful operation and within two weeks Jennifer felt amazing. Her skin had cleared up on her face, she lost weight and started having regular periods.

'I had a significant amount of energy that I had not felt for over two years! I generally felt much healthier and happier because my ovaries were functioning normally again.’

Three months after Jennifer’s operation, she found out she was pregnant and on Valentine's Day 2016 Jennifer had a healthy baby boy. ‘I will always be so very grateful to Mr Mann for his professionalism and skill. It could have been a very different story for me and I just thank God that I was lucky enough to have had him as my consultant and surgeon.’

Louise Newman

Louise Newman was diagnosed with endometriosis, which unfortunately meant coming to terms with the possibility that she wouldn’t be able to have children of her own.

‘Before I had the procedure life was pretty miserable, I came off the pill as we wanted to try for a baby. However, I’d developed stage 4 endometriosis and was subsequently ill for 2-3 years. I was lucky that I only worked part time so the time I had off because of my illness was minimal. I was told I either needed surgery or I had to go back on the pill but I so desperately wanted a baby.’

Louise endometriosis case study Louise Newman approached consultant gynaecologist Mr Christopher Mann at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham and advised Louise that she would need further surgery.

'I was apprehensive of course, but I just so badly wanted it to work so I could have a baby. I knew we’d have to have IVF but my body needed to prepare itself for the treatment. Without the surgery with Mr Mann I wouldn’t have been able to have IVF.’

Shortly after her successful procedure at BMI The Priory Hospital, Louise began IVF treatment and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Penelope. The couple are now looking to add another addition to their family.

On the success of the procedure, Louise said, ‘My life has changed simply because I now have all I ever wanted, a baby. There was a time when I didn’t think it would ever happen, that my body would never be able to conceive a child, but now I’m so happy and feel very grateful that I have my precious baby girl and I’m hoping to also have another child in the near future to give her a baby brother or sister.’

Mr Christopher MannOur consultant Mr Christopher Mann comments:

What was also different from Louise’s perspective is that not only did she achieve a pregnancy, but she also achieved a significant reduction in her very severe symptoms which she had been experiencing prior to the surgery.

Hopefully Louise will be able to go on and have a second child in the very near future, which is one of her wishes at present.

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