Patient success following LINX procedure for acid-reflux

Molly Hart

After having treatment for acid reflux at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, Molly Hart is overjoyed at the results. Here’s Molly's inspiring story.

Molly Hart, 19, had suffered with acid reflux since she was six months old and had been on medication to control it all her life.

The condition has affected her in so many different ways and hugely impacted on her ability to lead a normal childhood and adolescence. It's affected almost every part of her life - her diet, school life, social life, sleep patterns and work.

After doing months of research and investigating what treatment options were available for acid reflux, she came across the LINX® procedure.

LINX® is a minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedure. It consists of a small, flexible band of interlinked titanium beads with magnetic cores which are placed around the oesophagus just above the stomach. Once in place, the device will begin working immediately. The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps the Lower Oesophageal Sphincter (LOS) closed to prevent reflux and opens during swallowing and to allow for the release of elevated gastric pressures, such as belching and vomiting. 

Molly booked a consultation with Mr Rishi Singhal at BMI The Priory Hospital. After assessment and testing, it was confirmed that Molly was a suitable candidate for the LINX® procedure. She was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to have her operation in December 2017.

Since having her procedure she was able to enjoy her first Christmas dinner without feeling nauseous and has never looked back. Her life has truly been transformed, she now eats whatever she likes, she sleeps normally, her nausea has gone and she no longer takes medication thanks to her LINX® device. She calls it “the best Christmas present ever!”

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About Molly's consultant

ConsultantMr Rishi Singhal, Consultant Bariatric & Upper GI Surgeon performs the LINX® procedure at the BMI The Priory Hospital.

You can find out more about LINX and other treatments options here.

Please be aware that there are a range of treatment options available for acid reflux and BMI does not endorse or recommend any particular products or treatments.