Back in the saddle following laser spinal surgery


Lisa Taggart, aged 52 from Stratford-upon-Avon suffered with nerve pain which had got progressively worse over a three year period. She would experience a sharp shooting pain from her buttocks down to her feet which affected her balance, and this would sometimes cause her to lose her footing. It would affect her hobbies of horse riding and going to the gym, and was making life altogether quite miserable.

Lisa decided she’d persevered with the pain for long enough and her GP referred her to a local physiotherapist to see if physiotherapy treatment could help. She had signed up to 10 sessions of treatment but after the fourth session, her physiotherapist said that there was no point in carrying on with the sessions as physiotherapy just wasn’t working for her. 

Her physiotherapist recommended she see Mr Mushtaque Ishaque, Consultant Spinal Surgeon at BMI The Priory Hospital to see what options were available to help ease the pain and help her feel more comfortable riding her horse. Initially he tried steroid injections, which are beneficial for a lot of patients, but unfortunately didn’t work in the long-term for Lisa.

Mr Ishaque then discussed a relatively new treatment, a laser spinal injection which is a minimally invasive procedure, involving a laser filament being inserted through a needle into the spinal disc using X-Ray guidance. Performed as a daycase procedure, with minimal risk and side effects, the recovery is much quicker than open surgical techniques.

Lisa was thrilled with how good she felt almost immediately after having the procedure. Within three weeks after her procedure she was riding her horse again and her walking and balance had vastly improved. Friends have even remarked on the visible difference too.

“Mr Ishaque has been brilliant, he made me feel completely at ease throughout my journey, and the hospital staff were so lovely, I cannot fault the care I received. I was so lucky that my physiotherapist was so honest in first instance, in admitting she could do no more to help me, and for referring me to Mr Ishaque.”

Following the laser surgery, Lisa had no bruising and no pain, her sleeping wasn’t affected and she was also driving after just 24 hours. She was a very compliant patient and looked after herself well. She had started her career as a nurse and knew it was in her best interests to follow the medical advice she was given thoroughly.

“I’m extremely grateful to Mr Ishaque and his team and would recommend this treatment to people suffering with similar nerve pain. I can ride my horse as much as I want now and never think about having a day off from riding which is fantastic!”

Date: 8th April 2020