Patient has fibroid embolisation treatment at The Priory


Sarah Davies Patient Case Study

After suffering with excruciating period pain, bloating, headaches, fatigue and endless visits to her GP for over 5 years, Sarah Davies, 37, finally discovered the root cause of her problems…a huge fibroid!

Her home life, work life, her sleep and the physical activity she was able to do were all affected by the pain she endured. Sarah felt a lump in her abdomen which led her to naturally panic, an ultrasound scan later revealed it was in fact a large fibroid which was pushing on her bowel.

The first consultant she saw said that the only treatment would be was to have a hysterectomy, which at 37 years old, was the last thing Sarah wanted to put herself through and was concerned about experiencing an early menopause. She was convinced there had to be another option so decided to do her own online research and came across Dr Paul Crowe, Consultant Interventional Radiologist at BMI Priory Hospital and called his secretary to book an appointment.

Dr Crowe said that she might be eligible for fibroid embolisation treatment, which meant a hysterectomy wouldn’t be necessary.  Immediately Sarah felt she was in safe hands with Dr Crowe, he explained everything thoroughly, had a calming patient manner, and a quiet confidence which she found incredibly reassuring.

“Uterine artery embolisation (UAE) is a minimally invasive treatment performed by interventional radiologists which shrinks uterine fibroids by blocking their blood supply. It only requires a tiny needle puncture in the femoral artery in the groin to direct a fine catheter under x-ray guidance down into the arteries supplying the fibroids. These are then blocked with tiny plastic spheres, causing the fibroid to shrink away gradually over a few months. It only involves an overnight stay in hospital and allows rapid return to normal activities.”

“Having been one of the first specialists offering fibroid embolisation in the UK I have now personally performed over 6000 treatments, giving women a genuine choice and allowing many to avoid major open surgery. I am delighted that Sarah was not only suitable for the procedure but has clearly done so well afterwards.

Following her treatment Sarah was back at work after 2 weeks, and within a month, she could already feel relief of her symptoms. The constant bloating and pressure she felt in her tummy had gone and she no longer dreaded her periods. Her time of the month is now a breeze and it’s all down to her fibroid embolization treatment. Her post-operative scan revealed that it had shrunk by 90% which was a fantastic result.

Sarah said, “I feel emotional talking about it and recommend any women with similar symptoms to get checked out. I can’t explain how much energy I now have and how improved my periods are. I used to arrange social events and important meetings around my menstrual cycle which was crazy. I’d wake up between 10-15 times in the night to go to the toilet which would have a detrimental effect on my fatigue, it was awful. That is all ancient history now thanks to Dr Crowe. He was incredible, as were the nursing and theatre staff, I’m so grateful to them…I now have my life back!”

Date: 14th February 2019