Paediatric Services

A paediatric nursing team is available at BMI The Priory Hospital to provide excellent care for children aged three or above.

We run four surgical lists per month for 3 to 18-year-olds and treat children for routine and complex surgery at BMI The Priory Hospital.

Please call 0121 440 2323 for more information on paediatrics at BMI The Priory Hospital or make an enquiry here.

A registered children’s nurse is involved in the planning and delivery of care for your child and is supported by a dedicated, friendly and caring team. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child overnight and arrangements can be made on request. 

Parents and children are also invited to visit the hospital in advance to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and help the child settle in the unfamiliar environment. There is a dedicated paediatric ward where we ensure the children can feel as comfortable as possible.

Dedicated facilities and services include:

  • Children's menus
  • Child friendly dedicated ward
  • A "children in hospital" booklet
  • A children’s' TV channel

The following support is also available:

  • Paediatric consultants across a wide range of specialities
  • Specialist children’s nurses trained in routine and emergency clinical procedures
  • Secure environment for both day case and inpatient admissions
  • Your paediatrician can refer your child to a wide range of paediatric specialists and all of our specialists work within the pricing structure of the primary medical insurers

A GP referral to an appropriate consultant is essential. Self pay patients are also welcome and insured patients are advised to contact their insurance company before arranging any treatment.

Our physiotherapy departments also offer specialist musculoskeletal and orthopaedic care for paediatrics for children over the age of 12. We can treat children with bone, joint, muscle and ligament problems including sports injuries, scoliosis, joint hypermobility and back pain. All referrals will be screened for suitability by a specialist physiotherapist prior to an appointment being made.

Paying for treatment

  • All patients are welcome – whether they choose to pay directly for their treatment or by using their private medical insurance
  • We arrange direct settlement with insurance companies, but patients should pre-check their level of cover
  • For self-paying patients, we can advise the price in advance of the investigation, and we accept a number of payment methods including the BMI Card

Please call 0121 440 2323 for more information on paediatrics at BMI The Priory Hospital. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry here.