Swindon Gynaecologist Service

Fast access to diagnosis and treatment for your gynaecology needs, at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital

Mr David GriffithsMr David Griffiths, Consultant Gynaecologist, offers a fast track private clinic. This allows immediate access to diagnostic and treatment from a senior specialist in the field. Many of us have concerns or worries and would like the peace of mind of an expert’s opinion or advice. The fast track service at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital allows you to self refer for an initial consultation, without a referral from your GP.

Mr Griffiths and his team at the hospital encourage and value a personal holistic approach to your medical and gynaecological care. Our Fast Track Clinic offers a complete diagnostic service for your gynaecological concerns, using specialised technology. We are committed to listening to your symptoms, in privacy and comfort and will treat you with respect. Your records are always available for your inspection with copies of your notes and pathology results.

For some conditions minor surgery may be required, BMI The Ridgeway Hospital has modern fully equipped theatres for performing procedures under local and general anaesthetic. Where possible Mr Griffiths endeavours to use minimal access techniques i.e. keyhole surgery, to minimise post operative pain and ensure a rapid return to normal activities.

We offer treatment and screening for the below conditions

Whether you have heavy periods, urinary problems or pelvic pain, with our Fast Track Clinic, we aim to offer a prompt diagnosis and treatment for your problem. If you attend one of our clinics the consultation and any test will be carried out at the same time to be able to provide you with a diagnosis (where possible) and a treatment plan. The clinic can help with the following:
  •     Cervical screening 
  •     Cystitis
  •     Endometriosis
  •     Fibroids
  •     Heavy, painful or irregular periods
  •     Infertility 
  •     Irregular bleeding
  •     Menopausal problems
  •     Ovarian screening
  •     Ovarian cysts
  •     Pain during or after sex
  •     Pelvic pain
  •     PMT
  •     Polycystic ovaries
  •     Post coital bleeding
  •     Sterilisation
  •     Urinary incontinence
  •     Vaginal prolapse
To make a booking

Please contact Mr Griffiths' secretary, Denise Josey. Denise has worked for David for the past 10 years and will be able to support you to find an appointment that suits you and your availability.

Call Denise on 01793 816008 or e-mail [email protected].

Appointments for the Fast Track Gynaecology Clinic are available Wednesday morning, Friday afternoon and evening.

Mr Griffiths’ can also offer consultations on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, however, these are not part of the fast track clinic and therefore, you might need to make separate appointments if any investigative tests or scans are required.

The cost

Price of initial consultation £200, follow up consultations £130.

During your consultation, Mr Griffiths will advise if any tests or scans are required to fully diagnose your condition. As each person has different requirements, any tests are charged for separately, you will be advised of these costs during your consultation and have the option to proceed with them.

If you have private medical insurance, you should check if they will cover the cost of this appointment before booking. It is likely you will require a GP referral to use your private medical insurance.

Further information can also be found by visiting www.octaviahealthcare.com.