Podiatry in Swindon

Podiatry is the specific branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot and ankle. A podiatrist will treat a range of foot health issues, some of which are listed in the table below.

The Podiatry Clinic at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital offers diagnosis and modern treatments for a wide range of conditions, with on-site access to orthopaedic consultants, sports physicians and physiotherapy as required.

Do you suffer from? Then the possible cause could be…
Knee pain Chondromalacia patellae
Patellofemoral syndrome
Iliotibial band syndrome
Shin pain Medial tibial stress syndrome
Compartment syndrome
Ankle pain Ankle instability
Heel pain Plantar fasciitis/heel spur
Achilles tendonitis
Foot ‘in-rolling’
Fallen arches
Flat feet
Excessive pronation
Pes planus
Big toe joint pain
Forefoot pain
Hallux valgus
Hallux rigidus
Mortons neuroma

These are just a few examples of conditions in the lower limb that may be caused by poor foot mechanics. The hips and the lower back may also be affected. Just because the feet do not hurt, does not mean they are not at fault. Lower limb problems are surprisingly common in all ages, yet many go untreated or are treated unsuccessfully because the cause of the symptoms may not be identified.

Conditions treated
  • Ankle pain  
  • Foot pain
  • Sports injuries such as: ankle sprains, shin splints, knee pain, metatarsalgia, and hip discomfort
  • Lower and mid back pain
  • Bio-Mechanical and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Gait analysis
  • Orthoses – semi-bespoke and custom made foot devices

For appointments and referrals please call 0800 404 6652 or make an online enquiry.