Swindon Cancer Care

Our multi-disciplinary team works together to provide you with dedicated care for a wide range of cancers. With patient care at the centre of their work, our highly skilled team of surgeons, Consultant Oncologists, Haematologists and specialist oncology nurses are able to provide fast, effective access to treatment. This may include surgery, hormone therapy and chemotherapy, as individual or combined treatments. 

Chemotherapy at The Ridgeway Cancer Suite:

Prior to your treatment you will have an assessment with the nursing team, where you will be informed of what to expect pre, during and post chemotherapy and get answers to any queries you may have. Our chemotherapy service is flexible allowing us to effectively meet the patient's needs, offering both inpatient and day case facilities with round the clock assistance available.

With the support of BMI The Ridgeway Hospital, we offer fast access to diagnostic equipment (x-ray, MRI, CT), blood test facilities and a fully stocked Pharmacy giving access to the latest drugs.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced in administering chemotherapy and developing bespoke treatment plans and regimes designed to suit each patient’s individual needs.

Our suite also allows patients to choose how they would like their treatment to be managed – including both open and private therapy bays, with the options of day case treatment or being an inpatient within the main hospital.

Find out more about the treatments The Ridgeway Cancer Suite can provide here

We also offer a wide range of Complementary Cancer Services to patients to help them deal with the  emotional and physical changes that often come from being diagnosed with cancer.

Therapies available at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Lymphoedema massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise classes
  • Acupuncture
  • Breathlessness management
  • Diet advice
  • Chaplaincy service
  • Wig and hair loss services
  • Psychological support
  • Art therapy
  • Support groups

Self-pay patients are most welcome, insured patients are advised to contact their insurance company before arranging any treatment.

We aim to provide you with exceptional care, expert knowledge and specialist skills to help you through your journey. Our multidisciplinary Oncology Team are committed to providing a holistic approach to patient care.

For more information or a confidential chat, please call our Oncology Team at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital on 01793 816060. Alternatively you can make an online enquiry here.