Meet the Physiotherapy team

Mike is a Senior Musculo-Skeletal Outpatient Physiotherapist at BMI The Runnymede Hospital. He has completed a number of qualifications including an MSc degree in Physiotherapy, a BA Hons. Degree in Kinesiology & Exercise Science, a Rehabilitation Therapist certification and Diplomas in Acupuncture, Sports Massage (level 3), Health &Wellbeing Physiology and specialist training in Pilates.
Mike’s passion for physiotherapy stemmed from a young age in Canada, where he competed nationally in both gymnastics and karate. This has allowed him a unique perspective on the rehabilitation process and a deep understanding of the mental and physical implications of this.

Julie graduated from Brighton University in 1999, starting her career as a CSP Steward at St Peters and Ashford Hospitals. Her special interest in orthopaedics led her to The Royal Surrey County Hospital, where she worked as Team Leader in Orthopaedics for 3 years.

Julie has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist at BMI The Runnymede Hospital for 8 years, treating a variety of orthopaedics, general surgery and gynaecology patients, working as part of a hardworking team. She optimises patient care being actively involved in the patient pathway from inpatient rehabilitation to discharge planning, and is able to identify patients in need of further service input including OT referral.

physio teamRear row (left to right): Mike Czernkovich, Jennifer Adims;Front row (left to right) - Julie Seaward, Shireen Dalvie, Abigail Potter

Shireen graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2000. After working in several private healthcare hospitals, she moved to the UK working as a Senior Physiotherapist at BMI The Runnymede Hospital.
She has treated a wide variety of patients but has a keen interest in shoulder injuries and rehabilitation after shoulder surgery.  She adopts a manual approach to her treatments, believing that patient education is paramount to injury prevention and reoccurrence.

Shireen has been with BMI for 12 years, progressing to Clinical Services Manager whilst continuing to drive the department forward in maintaining and developing new services.

Jennifer has a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy and an MSc Hons in Physiotherapy. She previously was a member of the Bristol Athletics Club where she specialised in triple jump and 100 metre sprint. 

Jennifer is also a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer, and between her degrees worked for LA fitness.  With her fitness background, Jennifer is able to transfer skills of functional exercise and exercise correction into patient rehabilitation. She has had experience of working with football and rugby teams, allowing her the opportunity to work closely with osteopaths and Harley Street Chiropractors.

Jennifer is a Sports Physiotherapist at BMI The Runnymede Hospital and is keen to help develop the outpatient physiotherapy department with the notion of helping patients reach their full potential.

Abbie is the newest member of the Physio team. She graduated from King’s College London in 2014 and spent the first couple of years after graduating working in a rotational post at The Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.

She has a key interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and orthopaedics and has previously worked for Bracknell Rugby Club as a Physiotherapist, treating a variety of upper and lower limb conditions. Abbie has also completed an accredited acupuncture course to further widen her expertise. She hopes to be able to achieve continuity with clients by assisting them on the ward to reviewing them in outpatients.  

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