Kings Lynn Dermatology Service

At BMI The Sandringham Hospital our Dermatologist, Dr Dootson, offers detailed consultations with a timely diagnosis for your peace of mind. Bespoke and tailor-made treatment plans are created for you, upon diagnosis Regular weekly clinics leave no room lengthy waiting times and appointments are often booked within 48 hours so you can rest assured.

The Sandringham’s Dermatology Clinic is here for you and equipped to diagnose and treat the following:

Skin Biopsy

A small procedure, known as a Skin Biopsy, involves a small piece of skin being cut and removed in order to test for any abnormalities including skin cancer, infections and other disorders. This procedure if often done under a local anaesthetic and is commonly done by a shave biopsy, punch biopsy, excisional biopsy or incisional biopsy. The decision is based on the suspected condition and investigations are carried out through histology as appropriate.

Skin Lesion Removal

Skin lesions are areas of the skin which are irregular in growth and appearance and are distinctly visible against that of the surrounding skin. These can be either present at birth or appear during any stage of one’s life. If a skin lesion changes colour, grows in size or causes any interference during everyday activities, seeking expert advice and consideration of removal is advised.

The removal of a skin lesion can be performed in one of four ways at The Sandringham, either by use of a diathermy, cryotherapy, excision, or punch biopsy – this is discussed and decided between yourself and the consultant. Investigations are then carried out through histology as appropriate.

Mole Removal

A skin mole often occurs as a result of cells within the skin growing in clusters opposed to usually spreading throughout, thus creating skin pigments which are usually a natural colour. The darkening of moles is usually related to sun exposure, adolescent years and pregnancy.

Seeking advice is recommended if a mole appears after early adulthood (+25 years), visibly changes in size and height and/or colour, or become irritable or painful. Like skin lesions, moles can be removed through diathermy, cryotherapy, excision, or punch biopsy.

Removal of Lipoma

Lipomas are often benign tumours made of fat tissue and sit just under the surface of the skin. Usually measuring less than 5cm in size, lipomas are harmless and soft to touch and commonly appear on the head, shoulders, back and abdomen.

Lipomas are often only removed if they become visible and uncomfortable and are usually excised by excision.

Our hospital offers personal one-to-one consultant led clinics with a dedicated nurse for peace of mind. Supporting direct, fast and efficient services, our prompt histology results enable a quicker diagnosis and treatment.