BMI The Saxon Clinic achieves highest standards for endoscopy patients

The Saxon Clinic which is helping the NHS provide essential services for older patients in Milton Keynes has seen the meticulous work of one of its departments recognised with one of the highest patient safety awards.

Endo JAG announcement The Saxon Clinic

The endoscopy service at BMI Saxon Clinic, passed its JAG accreditation at the first attempt with no actions – one of just a handful of BMI Clinics in the country to do so.

The team has now been recognised by the Joint Advisory Group, the national independent regulator which assesses all endoscopy suites to make sure they can be trusted, focused and sustainable and offer people a great experience.

Endoscopy lead nurse Lorna Kirkham said she was ‘elated’ at receiving the news. “I almost burst into tears, I was so pleased” she said. “All that hard work we did came together. We got the news on the day of inspection too, and it was amazing to hear that they had no actions for us.”

Endoscopy is a procedure whereby a consultant will use an endoscope which has a small camera chip inside a long flexible tube to see or treat inside the body. This could include inspecting inside the bowel, bladder or stomach. This enables therapeutic work such as removing small growths, repairing bleeding ulcers or just a simple diagnostic procedure.

BMI The Saxon Clinic has been supporting Milton Keynes University Hospital throughout the pandemic, providing endoscopy diagnostic and surgical procedures for older patients with bladder problems. More recently, the team has also been providing more general endoscopy for patients with bowel and digestive problems.

Achieving JAG Accreditation required Lorna and the team to evidence the highest levels of patient safety at every step. This includes sourcing regulatory documentation and demonstrating procedures for decontaminating equipment, doctors’ performance data, patient satisfaction surveys, safety tests for water, engineering and other assurances across each and every step of the patient pathway.

A key JAG requirement is the provision of single sex accommodation and high standards for the environment in general.

Over the past few months, the hospital has made significant changes to the endoscopy suite to change it from a previous ward-based service, which involved patients being admitted to a ward and then transferred to the department for endoscopy, to an ambulatory care system where patients walk in and leave after their procedure as a day case.

The investment in the hospital to align with the change in the patient journey involved removing walls, building a new nurses’ observation station, increasing the size of the recovery area, adding changing rooms and establishing a discharge lounge.

Lorna, who joined the hospital team in 2018, said she was thankful for the support and leadership of theatre manager Mark Martucci: “I couldn’t have done it without him,” she said. “He was excellent, helping source and upload information for the JAG team, and the presentation for fine-tuning. He was a great support.”

JAG accreditation means that patients can have increased confidence in their endoscopy service and be assured of the same quality of care no matter where their endoscopy takes place in the country, provided it is JAG accredited. For the service it means being able to show that they offer a high quality and safe service.

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Date: 3rd December 2020