Cricketing star Monty Panesar undergoing rehabilitation for Dancing on Ice injury at BMI The Saxon Clinic

International cricketer, Monty Panesar, has been undergoing rehabilitation for a fractured ankle at BMI The Saxon Clinic in Buckinghamshire.

Monty fractured his ankle during rehearsals for the latest series of Dancing On Ice, which began on ITV on 7 January. After receiving treatment at Milton Keynes University Hospital with Mr Atif Malik, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Monty is continuing his treatment and rehabilitation at BMI The Saxon Clinic.

Mr Malik said: “Monty sustained a fracture to his distal fibula. He required an Open Reduction/Internal Fixation operation of his fracture, and was placed into a plaster following this. He is currently non-weight bearing and completing exercises to ensure that once he is out of the plaster, he limits the amount of muscle wasting due to the injury.”

Once the plaster comes off, Monty will undergo an extensive period of physiotherapy, which Mr Malik says will “get him back to full sporting activity in the shortest time period possible.”

Monty’s injury caused him to withdraw from Dancing On Ice just a few weeks after his involvement in the show was officially announced.

Monty said: “Since I’ve suffered the injury, I was surprised how quickly I’ve managed to heal. I’m very happy with Mr Malik’s help and advice, it’s been absolutely brilliant. When you have such a traumatic experience you need good support around you, you need trust, and I have full trust in Mr Malik.  

But Monty’s injury hasn’t chilled his love of the ice, as on 8-9 February 2018 he’s planning to take part in the Ice Cricket Tournament in Switzerland. He added: “I believe I can get back to where my ankle was. You know what we sportsmen are like, once we get a taste of a challenge, we want to continue with it!”

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Date: 5th January 2018