Former patient shares her experience at BMI The Saxon Clinic

Ms Miles, a former patient at BMI The Saxon Clinic was kind enough to share her Total Hip replacement experience.

“I recently underwent a Total Hip replacement at the Saxon Clinic. I had been experiencing a lot of arthritic pain, limping and not being able to participate in any physical activities, my pain kept me awake. I had recently retired from a long career in the NHS as a Service Manager, my problems became worse as I retired.

I chose to see Mr Atif Malik at the Saxon Clinic and from this Consultation until the operation took approximately 18 weeks under the NHS. I was quite apprehensive as had never undergone surgery and as they say sometimes a ‘little knowledge is dangerous’ I remembered my early Nursing years working on an Orthopaedic ward and hip replacement surgery patients staying in bed for 2 weeks….however I had done my research and realised things were very different.

After seeing Mr Malik I felt reassured and then was invited in for my pre op assessment and discussion with the Physio and Nursing team. I prepared a long list of questions too which I didn’t need to ask as all the topics were covered and I took from the meeting the importance of a positive mental attitude following a hip replacement surgery.

I was admitted to the Saxon Clinic on the morning of the surgery, admitted by a very knowledgeable and efficient Nurse, followed by the Anaesthetist; we discussed my request for a spinal block and sedation, he called the sedation ‘Gin and Tonic’! Within an hour of arrival I was walked to Theatre, I was a little nervous however the Theatre Manager was absolutely fantastic, every intervention and procedure was explained, describing the sensation I would feel as the spinal block went in. I felt in such safe hands and knowing that the surgery would have such a positive impact on my daily life, the nerves disappeared. The Theatre Manager said ‘don’t worry I will be with you all the time’ and that was very reassuring. I was wheeled into theatre and moved into position; I said to the Anaesthetist have I had my G&T? With that I was asleep and don’t remember any more until 2 hours later being woken up.

I was wheeled back to my room within 30 minutes and texting my family the operation was over. I was cared for by experienced staff who insured my pain control was managed and I was always comfortable. I was never made to feel I was a nuisance using my call bell.  The following morning I was greeted by a lovely Physio and helped out of bed. I managed to walk to the bathroom and then a little way up the corridor with crutches. I was shown how to adhere to hip precautions and sat in a chair. Later on in the day I was taken further down the corridor and managed the practice stairs.

Mr Malik popped into see me and asked if I was going home, I said I would like to spend another night in the Clinic. The following morning I managed to shower myself and with a bit of help got dressed ready for discharge. There was no waiting for tablets to take home, it was all prepared with a discharge letter and information pack, containing telephone numbers in case of any problems. That was a revelation!

I have been back to the Saxon Clinic for 2 Physio appointments, 6 weeks later I am walking without a limp and no walking aid, and I haven’t needed any pain relief for 3 weeks. I have no more Arthritic pain, managing all my housework, driving and walking the dog.

The quality of care I received from Mr Malik, the Nurses, Therapists, Radiographer, and the lovely ladies who took my menu and provided copious amounts of tea has been exceptional, I am truly thankful to have been given my life back. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Mr Malik and his team at the Saxon Clinic for Orthopaedic surgery.

 Thank you all,

 Ms Miles”

Categories: Health

Date: 6th June 2019