Hip, Knee & Musculoskeletal Surgery

orthopaedic services

We offer fast access to orthopaedic services at BMI The Somerfield Hospital in Kent. With a convenient location, just one mile from central Maidstone, and without long waiting lists for an appointment, we make it easy for you to access consultants who can advise on hip, knee and musculoskeletal conditions. Our friendly team will support you throughout each stage of your diagnosis and treatment using a multi-disciplinary approach.

To find out more about orthopaedic surgery at BMI the Somerfield Hospital, please contact us on 01622 208000.

Knee Surgery

Our experienced surgeons will recommend the type of knee surgery that is most appropriate for you. This might be a partial knee replacement, a total knee replacement or a knee arthroscopy. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will be on hand to design rehabilitation programmes to aid your recovery. Our new AlterG anti-gravity treadmill is a great way to help build your strength following knee surgery.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures performed by expert orthopaedic surgeons at BMI The Somerfield Hospital. Hip replacement surgery may be necessary following a hip fracture or when a hip joint has deteriorated because of arthritis. The surgeon will replace the damaged or deteriorated hip joint with prosthesis.

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery may be required for patients suffering with chronic pain or limited shoulder function where non-surgical methods such as steroid injections and physiotherapy haven’t worked. Rotator cuff surgery is commonly required for older patients and those with sports injuries.

Spinal Surgery

When non-surgical methods of treatment have not worked for spinal conditions, our consultant spinal surgeons at BMI The Somerfield Hospital may recommend a surgical procedure such as lumbar spinal decompression, lumbar microdisectomy and cervical spine surgery.

Other Services Offered

  • Hand surgery
  • Sports injury surgery