AlterG physiotherapy at BMI The Somerfield Hospital

At BMI The Somerfield Hospital we now offer physiotherapy sessions using the AlterG®Anti-gravity Treadmill®. The treadmill allows patients to reduce the weight going through their bodies as they exercise through the use of NASA technology.

AlterG Treadmill

This is great for lower limb rehabilitation. Patients with conditions of the hip, knee, foot or ankle can work on the treadmill without bearing full weight on their joints. This is ideal for patients who are recovering from surgery, a sports injury or who suffer with joint pain caused by arthritis.

As the treadmill enables movement whilst minimising stress to joints and muscles it is particularly beneficial for elderly patients or those suffering with MS or Parkinson’s disease who may find walking with normal gravity difficult.

The AlterG®Anti-gravity Treadmill® is also a great way to help anyone reach their weight loss and health goals. It enables individuals to increase their activity levels and burn more calories whilst reducing their risk of joint pain and injury.

Packages and prices:

If you are paying for yourself you do not need a GP referral and the initial Consultation is £65 with follow-up sessions for £40 (supervised) or £15 (self-directed). If you would like to bulk book sessions with the treadmill we can discuss significant discounts for you. For self-paying patients we accept a number of payment methods including the BMI Card.

Please check the level of cover with your insurance provider if you intend to use your private medical insurance.

Please contact us on 01622 208057 to find out more about booking an appointment with one of The Somerfield Hospital’s physiotherapists on the AlterG® machine. Alternatively, you can make an online enquiry.