Cataract surgery success story at BMI The South Cheshire Private Hospital

South Cheshire Private Hospital

Helen McIntosh

Having my eyesight back is like having a fresh start, and for that I'm very grateful.

Helen McIntosh describes how paying for her own cataract surgery meant fast access to life-changing treatment.

“Reading is one of my favourite hobbies but I was finding it extremely difficult because of a haze over my eye,” says Helen. She says that driving became a hazard, particularly at night when the bright lights would dazzle her and she couldn’t see the road.

Over time Helen describes how she became very irritable. “I couldn’t see to do normal household tasks. But I was stubborn and I refused to admit that it was affecting me badly, until I nearly had a car accident.”

After seeing her optician, Helen was referred to the eye clinic at Leighton Hospital. “I wasn’t willing to wait for 18 weeks.” She knew was a danger on the road, so she phoned The South Cheshire, was put in touch with Mr Alan Hubbard’s secretary and was able to see him within a week.

Helen paid for her own surgery. “I wasn’t prepared to wait for months to get my eyesight back. It was especially important to me as my husband suffers from glaucoma and can’t drive anymore, so he depends upon me.”

Cataract removal at South Cheshire

Allan Hubbard

“To say I was nervous would be an understatement,” said Helen. "I told Mr Hubbard I was frightened, but all throughout the procedure his calm voice and explanation before each stage of the procedure kept my feet on the ground.”

After her operation, Mr Hubbard saw Helen to deliver the good news that the procedure had been a success. "I went home within a couple of hours with Mr Hubbard’s advice on aftercare. He later phoned me asking how I was and what my eye looked like, and what I should expect over the next few days.”

Helen added: “My recovery was very swift, and within five days I was able to drive again wearing my glasses. I had no problems - my eye looked a little blood shot which only lasted a few days.”

‘A fresh start’

Having her eyesight restored has meant Helen can go back to living her daily life doing the things he loves, as well as supporting her husband.

“I’m happy again now that I can do the things that I was restricted with before my surgery. I’m able to drive without any problems, which means a lot to me and my husband. It’s like having a fresh start. We can now go on journeys and days out that we couldn’t do before my surgery, and for that I’m very grateful to Mr Hubbard.

“I can only say that I would never be afraid to have an eye procedure done again, especially if it was performed by Mr Hubbard. He is a gentleman, an excellent surgeon and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family.”

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