Dorchester Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy services at BMI The Winterbourne Hospital

We are a dedicated team of chartered professionals based at the Winterbourne Hospital in Dorchester.

Our modern clinic offers access to 18 different specialisms of physiotherapy, and is available to everyone for rapid assessment.   Our fast track access to imaging and advanced team of experts ensures our treatments are highly effective and accurate.

We take pride in our high quality rehabilitation and look forward to returning you to a happy healthy lifestyle. 

MSK and sports injury asssessment

If you have sprained your ankle running or have developed back pain after gardening, our team of physiotherapists can assess the damage to your tissues and help you recover. We can also provide pain management and rehabilitation to ensure you make a speedy recovery.

Advanced physiotherapy assessment

If you have a long term problem , such as sciatica or reoccurring knee pain, our specialist physiotherapy assessments include access to fast track imaging to help diagnose  and formulate a plan that will get you get back on the road to recovery.

Women and men’s health

Male and female patients with continence issues can benefit from physiotherapy assessment and treatment programs.


Chronic injuries need to be protected with the right support and help you continue with your sports or daily life. Orthotics are specially designed braces, shoes, splints, etc to help correct or protect a deformity, reduce pain, improve movement or stabilise joints.

Our specialists will be able to discuss about any orthotics you might need.

Gait and running analysis

The body requires good technique to prevent overload. Running injuries and walking problems can be screened through our video analysis and coaching service. We also offer the latest technology in gait through our AlterG machine, a partial weight-bearing treadmill to help you maintain motion and regain your mobility.

Hand therapy and splinting

Suffering from carpal tunnel or trigger finger? Try our hand therapy service to help support and alleviate wrist problems and hand complaints.


We use electrotherapy techniques to work with your body’s natural healing process, block pain messages and to stimulate muscles.

Manual and soft tissue therapy

physiotherapyWhen joints become stiff and muscles develop tightness we can help you regain mobility with hands on treatments. Manual therapy and manipulations, soft tissue sports massage and myofascial release are delivered by our highly specialised physiotherapists. Our team regularly work at sports events but we also have specialists in chronic pain to deliver gentle soothing techniques.


Acupuncture works by tricking the nervous system and blocking out pain messages through a gentle stimulation under the needle. It also helps to calm centres in the brain which are perpetuating pain messages so that your overall wellbeing is stabilised to reduce chronic pain problems like headaches or back pain.

Injection therapy

Chronic inflammation can be helped through specialist injections of cortisone and anaesthetic. This is delivered by our advanced physiotherapy practitioners who work alongside our orthopaedic consultants.

Shockwave therapy

This is a new form of electrotherapy to shock the tendon tissues into the appropriate stage of healing and reduce chronic fibrous tissue.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation 

This involves the right movement and exercise after surgery to get you back to a high level of ability.


Our physiotherapists will guide you through gentle buoyancy exercises to help restore movement and relieve pain through warm water. We also have swim fitness rehabilitation available.

Amputee rehabilitation

We offer prosthetic rehabilitation and management ideas with our Paralympic level physiotherapist.

Balance and falls rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists will teach you gentle exercises classes to help you regain your movement, stability and confidence.


This technique helps you create a strong core and precision in your daily movements through gentle mat based exercises 1:1 or in a class. We also offer 1:1 performance Pilates for those of you needing higher levels of core stability for sport or manual work.

Disability sport and advanced rehabilitation

Posture and seating with wheelchair skills are delivered by our Paralympic level physiotherapist.

We also offer spinal injury advanced rehabilitation, disability sports specific problem solving and coaching and calliper training.