Skin Lesion Removal Clinic

General surgery

Day surgery means that you can be admitted for an operation and discharged on the same day. It is becoming increasingly common for a wide range of procedures. We offer day surgery for (groin/abdominal hernia repair, breast lump excision, minor anal surgery, varicose vein surgery, circumcision, carpal tunnel decompression, colonoscopy, endoscopic procedures, cataract implants, liposuction, fertility, arthroscopy including hip and shoulder, removal of tonsils (in children), squint correction, many plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, wisdom teeth removal, many gynaecological and other procedures. Day cases are usually integrated into normal operating sessions, requiring admittance to hospital only a few hours before having surgery. Discharge follows a suitable recovery period and it is recommended that driving immediately afterwards is avoided.

One-Stop Mole and Skin Lesion Removal Clinic

BMI The Winterbourne Hospital has been serving the community of Dorchester and Dorset for the last 30 years. It’s proud to now offer a one-stop mole and skin lesion removal clinic. If you have a mole or skin lesion that is benign, then you can make an appointment at this one-stop clinic to have one or a number of these removed.

In most cases our Consultant Surgeons will assess your skin lesion and remove it during your appointment. However, there may be some cases that it is necessary to have this done at separate times.

What is covered at the One-Stop Clinic?

BMI The Winterbourne Hospital has packaged together all the elements for skin lesion removal to provide you with a fixed price.

The package includes a consultation, removal of the mole/skin lesions, dressing of the area after removal and a follow-up appointment if the consultant feels it necessary (in most cases you won’t need to come back).

Two options have been developed so you can choose to have one or multiple lesions removed.
You will be treated in the outpatients department and appointments will vary in length depending on thenumber of lesions you are looking to have removed.

You can expect the appointment to last from 15 minutes to an hour. Wherever possible, the consultant will remove thelesions during the consultation to save you extra visits to the hospital. If this isn’t possible, an appointment for removal will be made on the day. Either way, it is still covered by the package price.

Package options available

Standard – Total price £545
This includes the initial consultation, removal of up to 3 small moles or skin lesions and a follow-up appointment if the consultant feels this is required.

Extra – Total price £850
This includes the initial consultation, removal of larger moles or skin lesions up to a maximum of 5 and a follow up appointment if the consultant feels this is required.

How do I book?

Appointments are available weekly and you will be seen by one of our consultant surgeons; Mr Tomasz Graja, Breast and Melanoma Surgeon or Mr Nicholas Lagattolla, Consultant General, Vascular and Endocrine Surgeon.

To book an appointment call 08081010348 or make an online enquiry.