Patient case study - Johnny Nelson

Johnny Nelson

It’s great to know that others will be able to benefit from the same level of expertise and care that I received at BMI Thornbury Hospital.

Johnny Nelson, a boxing champion in Sheffield approached Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ian Stockley at BMI Thornbury Hospital due to a pain in his right groin. We spoke to Mr Stockley to find out more about Johnny's treatment and recovery.

Johnny came to see me early in 2012 complaining of pain in his right groin.  He had been aware of pain for sometime and was taking regular painkillers with little effect.

Ian StockleyIn addition to the pain, Johnny was struggling with simple activities of everyday living such as, taking his trousers on and off, getting in and out of the car etc due to stiffness in his hip, but he was still working out in the gym! X-rays at this time showed signs of degeneration within the hip, but in view of his relative youth, I decided, after discussion with Johnny, to offer an intra-articular injection of corticosteroid and local anaesthetic.

This gave him relief of pain for about three months before his symptoms returned. Again, to try and buy time before what I thought would be the inevitable hip replacement, I sought the opinion of a leading hip arthroscopist, who subsequently performed an arthroscopy and debridement.

Two years later, Johnny was back at BMI Thornbury Hospital with more severe symptoms. He was now awake at night with pain, limping, struggling to walk any distance and, most importantly for him, was unable to go to the gym. X-rays showed significant progression of the degenerative process within the hip joint with no joint space remaining. Johnny suspected that the next step would be the offer of a hip replacement.

Johnny Nelson MRIWe had a very sensible discussion together regarding the pros and cons of hip replacement surgery in general, and discussed further the pertinent points relative to him. My main concerns were related to his age and the demands he may put upon his new hip. Ex world championship boxers do not want sedentary lifestyles.

My chosen hip replacement in this case was an ODEP 10A rated un-cemented reconstruction with a ceramic on ceramic articulation. We chose this hard-on-hard bearing combination in view of its very low wear properties. I am pleased to say Johnny made an excellent recovery and was back at work, hosting his weekly TV boxing show 10 days following surgery!

After his recovery, the Sheffield boxing champion unveiled the new £1.2 million state-of-the-art MRI scanner at BMI Thornbury Hospital. 

Johnny NelsonJohnny Nelson comments:

I had a very successful knee procedure and hip replacement at the hospital so know first-hand how important it is to have access to the latest diagnostic equipment.

It’s great to know that others will be able to benefit from the same level of expertise and care that I received and the addition of the new MRI scanner will only improve the hospital’s service.

BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield provides a wide range of orthopaedic surgery and treatments including, hip replacement surgery, knee arthroscopy and spinal surgery. Mr Ian Stockley is also part of the hip revision team at the hospital. Find out more about the orthopaedic services and the Hip Revision Centre of Excellence at BMI Thornbury Hospital.