Sheffield Paediatrician Service

Paediatrics The paediatric service at BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, treats a wide range of issues relating to children’s health, development and well-being, providing the whole family with familiarity and reassurance of the continuity of consultants and nurses.

Because paediatrics is such a wide term, our services are broad and can range from a single consultation to a hospital stay. Our paediatrics treatments include:

  • Adenoidectomy for children
  • Audiology
  • Blood investigations
  • Circumcision for children
  • Correcting a squint for children
  • Dental Surgery
  • Foot surgery
  • Gastroscopy
  • General paediatrics
  • Grommet insertion
  • Growth & development
  • Hernia repair inguinal
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Hydrocele repair
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Lumps and bumps removal, including mole removal
  • Orchidopexy for a palpable testicle child
  • Paediatric allergy
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Paediatric haematology
  • Tonsillectomy child

We understand that your child’s welfare is your primary concern and we have specialist paediatricians who can help you with all aspects of your child’s health, development and well-being.

Please note that we only admit children aged three and above for surgery, no interventional procedures are carried out on children under three years. Children with acute medical or surgical problems are not admitted to this hospital, only children for day case surgery are admitted.

Being in hospital can be daunting for anyone, particularly for children. Having a child in hospital can be equally difficult to deal with if you are the parent. Our nurses are experienced and will aim to make you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed about their stay.  Our Senior Registered Children's Nurse is Melanie Ludlam, who has over 20 year’s experience working with and nursing children.


To enquire about our paediatrics service and treatments at BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, please call 0114 2674412 and leave a message. Or alternatively, make an online enquiry here.