Audiology | BMI Three Shires Hospital

BMI Three Shires Hospital provides a range of audiology services. Being a specialised healthcare service, audiology also involves the assessment, management and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems and associated disorders. This includes patients of all ages from young children through to working adults and the elderly.

Our services

It is estimated that one in seven of the population experiences some form of hearing impairment. With an ageing population in the UK, this number is set to rise in the future. The number of young people with hearing impairment is also on the rise due to the increased prevalence of excessive noise exposure in everyday life. Other common ear problems typically include ear infections, tinnitus and vertigo- all of which require audiological assessment and can affect any patient demographic.

With specialised diagnostic equipment set-up in our dedicated audiology suite, all patients will benefit from accurate and comprehensive level of audiological attention. In the majority of cases, our clinicians will be able to assist with the management, if not rehabilitation, of most ear related problems and advise on the best forms of hearing protection and preservation. Please see below for a full list of our services: 

A multi-disciplinary team approach

We work in close collaboration with other professionals to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care. Such professionals include:

  • Ear, nose and throat consultants
  • Consultant physicians
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Voluntary sectors/ support groups

Our clinics:

To find out more about the audiology services at BMI Three Shires Hospital or to book an appointment please call 01604 620311 or alternatively, you can make an online enquiry.