Are you ovarian cancer aware?

20 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day in the UK, of which 60% are diagnosed late*

Do you know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?With no national screening programme in place, it's even more important that you do.

Signs and symptoms include*:

  • Pain in the lower tummy or side
  • Feeling bloated and full
  • A swollen tummy
  • Irregular periods or bleeding after menopause
  • Back pain
  • Passing urine more often than usual
  • Constipation
  • Pain during sex

If you have noticed any changes or are concerned you should seek a medical opinion.

Getting a fast diagnosis

We provide fast access to ovarian cancer diagnostics including Ultrasound and CT.

An appointment with the consultant gynaecologist of your choice is usually available within 48 hours so you can get the fast diagnosis you need. Ask your GP for a referral and use your private medical insurance or pay for yourself with our flexible finance options.