Hip Replacement Surgery - Elisa

Elisa, Hip replacement at BMI The Park Hospital
Consultant: Mr Andrew Manktelow, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

At the age of 22, Elisa underwent her first operation to build up the joint of her right hip after an x-ray showed she had ‘shallow hips’. Unfortunately the operation didn’t work and the pain she was previously in increased in both hips.

Elisa enjoyed 18 months of being pain free after having her first child at 30, something the doctors put down to changes in hormones. However, the pain did return, and this time at an almost unbearable level.

Despite being in terrible pain, Elisa put off the hip operations she desperately needed when doctors warned she may not be able to have a second child. 

Mr Andrew Manktelow, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at BMI The Park Hospital, told Elisa that, despite warnings from other doctors, he thought hip replacements would improve her chances of having a baby as she would be in much better health all round.

Two hip replacements and one baby later, Elisa hugs her second son and is full of praise for the surgeon who convinced her nothing was impossible; “I really can’t thank Mr Manktelow and his team at BMI The Park enough, they have changed mine and my family’s lives completely.”